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impact of technology

Self-Driving Car Fatality No. 1: Joshua Brown Makes History
Karl D. Stephan | 11 July 2016
tags: automation, engineering ethics, self-driving cars
Tesla has some work to do.

What’s lost when we photograph life instead of experiencing it?
Rebecca Macmillan | 04 July 2016
tags: Internet use, narcissism, selfie
Photo sharing is a quest for validation.

EgyptAir Flight 804: clues to a tragedy
Karl D. Stephan | 25 May 2016
tags: air crashes, EgyptAir Flight 804, surveillance, technology, terrorism
People are the weak link in aircraft technology

Texas, of all places, shows how to lower carbon emissions
Karl D. Stephan | 11 May 2016
tags: carbon emissions, global warming, Texas, wind power
A state full of oil and gas is a wind-power leader.

Some dumb ideas about smart guns
Karl D. Stephan | 05 May 2016
tags: firearms deaths, gun violence, National Rifle Association, smart guns
Guns which can only be used by one person sound brilliant. So why doesn't anyone want to buy them?

Drone Delivers to Doorstep: What Next?
Karl D. Stephan | 31 March 2016
tags: drones, employment, engineering ethics, technology
The rapid advance of commercial drone technology.

Go figure
Karl D. Stephan | 23 March 2016
tags: artificial intelligence, Google
Is the defeat of a Korean Go champion by a computer the beginning of the end for humanity?

There’s a new addiction on campus: Problematic Internet Use (PIU)
Susan M. Snyder , Wen Li and Jennifer E. O'Brien | 19 February 2016
tags: addiction, college, Internet use
A new study measures the impact of internet addiction on family relationships.

Why we need to remember how to forget
Emma Smith | 04 February 2016
tags: art, creativity, memory, technology
Creativity needs a dustbin.

Modern technology: triumph or tragedy?
Karl D. Stephan | 07 December 2015
tags: engineering ethics, history of technology, progress, technology
Engineers sometimes get bad press, but where would we be without them?

Tianjin tragedy: a painful lesson
Karl D. Stephan | 18 August 2015
tags: China, disasters, engineering ethics
Can we expect this horrific disaster to lead to any improvements in safety?

I compute your pain
Karl D. Stephan | 27 July 2015
tags: face recognition, marketing, technology
Emotion-sensing face-recognition software could transform marketing.

The password you can never change
Michael Cook | 14 July 2015
tags: facial recognition, google, privacy
The brave new world of facial recognition technology.

Was bureaucratic wrangling behind the fatal Philadelphia derailment?
Karl D. Stephan | 26 May 2015
tags: disasters, technology, trains
The train lacked a new control system.

Only Apple’s magic could sell its vastly overpriced watches
David Glance | 13 April 2015
tags: Apple, consumerism, marketing, technology
The cheapest watch costs $499 (in Australia). A competitor costs $89. Why?

A bridge too close
Karl D. Stephan | 02 April 2015
tags: engineering, engineering ethics
The day our author almost became a statistic.

Email overload: time for a human solution
David Glance | 25 February 2015
tags: email, Google, technology, time management, vested interests
Email providers have a vested interest in the growing burden of the digital messages.

Will remote car hacking stop before it starts?
Karl D. Stephan | 05 December 2014
tags: cars, engineering ethics, technology
Car manufacturers all over the world are preparing for the day when hackers can get control of networked cars.

Childhood 2.0 is a little buggy
Zac Alstin | 05 December 2014
tags: Internet, internet, technology, virtual reality
Toddlers teach parents how bad their online habits are for family life.

Space flight will always be a risky business
Karl D. Stephan | 10 November 2014
tags: engineering, engineering ethics, space flight
A failure rate of 5 percent may not be a great advertisement for space tourism.

Challenged by the internet, professional journalism pushes back
Jeffrey Alexander | 21 October 2014
tags: democracy, internet, journalism
As the dust settles from this newest wave of technology, what is emerging is a new hybridity.

The Nobel limelight: literary fame wasn’t always so fleeting
Rebecca Braun | 09 October 2014
Today it is celebrity lite -- people are interested in success stories, not the writer's output.

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