Immigrants, assimilation, and religion
Luma Simms | 23 March 2016
tags: assimilation, Christianity, faith and reason, Islam, Judaism, migration
Many Middle Eastern immigrants reject corrupt aspects of Western culture, but not necessarily its core beliefs.

Rise of the neurolawyers
Lowell J. McDonald | 10 February 2016
tags: justice, neurolaw, neuroscience, psychopaths
Will brain scans transform the application of justice?

Calculating charity
Michael Cook | 02 June 2015
tags: Auschwitz, cooperation in evil, effective altruism, moral complicity, Peter Singer, philanthropy, utilitarianism
Peter Singer's new book on philanthropy reveals a dark side to utilitarianism

Ferguson is not a special case
Tony N. Brown | 27 November 2014
tags: Ferguson, justice, racism, USA
The riots in Ferguson remind us that many people who believe in justice are comfortable watching its miscarriage.

Elderspeak is demeaning
Craig Klugman | 25 November 2014
tags: elderly, elderspeak, human dignity
Why are residents of nursing homes addressed as if they were children?

Australia: advice for the new management
Margaret Somerville | 19 November 2013
tags: Australian politics, ethics
A few ethical voices crying in the wilderness can make a major difference.

The next human rights revolution
Chen Guangcheng | 31 October 2013
tags: Chen Guangcheng, China, human rights
China’s totalitarian system threatens justice on a global scale, says a renowned human rights activist.

Safe in the right hands
William Stearman | 17 October 2013
tags: family breakdown, gun control, mass shootings
A retired military and foreign affairs expert makes the case for allowing Americans to have and carry guns.

Whose choice? How new rights may expand old oppression
Richard Stith | 16 October 2013
tags: abortion, euthanasia, right to choose
Wherever men make women’s sexual decisions for them, the option of abortion will be a man’s choice.

Living With Dead Hearts
Brendan Malone | 27 September 2013
tags: children, China, film reviews, trafficking
China's kidnapped children, and what one father learned from his search.

US v. Windsor: a pit stop, not the finish line
James S. Cole | 01 July 2013
tags: same-sex marriage, US Supreme Court, US v. Windsor
The murky reasoning of the Supreme Court suggests that it is searching for reasons to justify imposing "gay marriage" on states which have not already legalized it.

Terrorism triangle in Boston
Jennifer S. Bryson | 06 May 2013
tags: terrorism
Complex rather than single causality is the norm, not the exception, for terrorism.

Why should we care about Boston?
Michael Cook | 23 April 2013
tags: Boston Marathon bombings, Christianity, media, solidarity
Some Australian journalists have asked why so much coverage was given to American deaths and so little to deaths in Iraq. Are they right?

The law and Martin Luther King Jr
Martin Luther King Jr | 18 April 2013
tags: civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr, morality and law, natural law
Fifty years ago this week, Martin Luther King Jr was sitting in a jail in Birmingham, Alabama, for marching against segregation. From his cell he wrote a stunning analysis of what constitutes a just law.

Mandate of the People
Tom Odhiambo | 01 February 2013
tags: book reviews, entrepreneurship, Kenya, politics, poverty
Politics can be dirty, but it will be cleaner if decent people get involved.

A case for bureaucratic clawback
Denyse O'Leary | 01 February 2013
tags: animal welfare, justice, subsidiarity
When a fight over a cat goes to federal court it is time to call on a Catholic principle.

“We will never surrender”
Jennifer Roback Morse | 22 January 2013
tags: definition of marriage, Rhode Island, same-sex marriage
A marriage advocate offers a state legislature about to redefine marriage some advice and predictions.

The case for loving the disabled
William West | 22 November 2012
tags: book reviews, disability
The value of the disabled and the love they inspire is the subject of a new 900-page book, Far From the Tree

Entitlement America - a nation of takers?
Carolyn Moynihan | 27 October 2012
tags: independence, intergenerational equity, welfare state
The ballooning of the welfare state is corrupting the American character as well as burdening generations to come, argues a scholar.

Where an exhausted society can flourish again
Yuval Levin | 26 October 2012
tags: civil society, United States, welfare state
Between the government and the individual is a vital space which both conservatives and liberals are neglecting.

Requiem for a truth-teller
Robert P. George | 19 October 2012
tags: Communism, obituaries, truth
Historian Eugene Genovese was a teller of truth, even when the truth to be told was ugly, embarrassing, humiliating.

Of wars and women
Alma Acevedo | 16 October 2012
tags: justice, US presidential election, women
The rhetoric of warfare in the US election campaign masks an unjust cause.

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