Articles on marginalization issues


I’ll drink to that!
Andrea Mrozek | 25 October 2012
tags: Canada, pro-life movement
In Canada, two pro-life jailbirds have been awarded Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medals.

Will “choice” trump even gendercide?
Margaret Somerville | 03 October 2012
tags: Canada, sex selective abortions
A new page in Canada’s abortion debate will force pro-choice politicians to decide just how non-negotiable their position is.

Barefoot power lights up rural Africa
Izael Pereira Da Silva and Boldewijn Sloet | 17 September 2012
tags: Africa, development, solar energy
Two Australian entrepreneurs are behind a company that is transforming lives at the bottom of the social pyramid.

The human rights and wrongs of “Innocence of Muslims”
Sarah Joseph | 14 September 2012
tags: hate speech, Middle East, Muslims, USA
Should the United States have banned the film that has caused ructions in the Middle East as hate speech?

Religion has its rights in the public square
David Cortman | 09 May 2012
tags: religious freedom
There are no historical or rational grounds for denying faith a public voice.

Parenthood is not just a private project
Jennifer Roback Morse | 23 April 2012
tags: marriage, parenthood, rights of the child
The state’s role in marriage is essential to protect the rights of children against the mere wilfulness of adults.

Whatever happened to British common sense?
Joanna Bogle | 15 March 2012
tags: Britain, religious freedom
The Tory-led government is taking sides against Christians who want wear a small cross at work.

A musical path out of poverty
Carolyn Moynihan | 09 March 2012
tags: El Sistema, music, poverty
A visionary Venezuelan programme for social development is catching on around the world.

Why bullycide is on the increase
Izzy Kalman | 02 March 2012
tags: bullying, resilience, suicide
Bullying-related suicide will not decrease as long as we glorify the victims with magazine covers and laws in their name.

Death on wheels
Paul Russell | 09 December 2011
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
A Dutch MP thinks mobile euthanasia units are worth considering.

Understanding Somalia
Ioan M Lewis | 10 October 2011
tags: famine, government, Somalia
Behind the devastating famine is a profoundly decentralised society with no effective national government.

Margaret Ogola: an African heroine
Carolyn Moynihan | 30 September 2011
tags: Africa, AIDS, heroes
One of four distinguished Kenyan women who died recently was a doctor who spent herself on the welfare of AIDS victims and strengthening the African family.

No standing: what marriage radicals really think of “the people”
Jennifer Roback Morse | 16 September 2011
tags: law, Proposition 8, same-sex marriage
Is it same-sex marriage rights they want, or a revolution in the American legal system?

The birth of the Berlin Wall
Sue Alexander-Barnes | 12 August 2011
tags: Berlin Wall, Communism
It appeared literally overnight, and kept East Germans imprisoned for more than a quarter of a century.

Youth in search of inspiration
Francois Jacob | 26 July 2011
tags: Catholic Church, UN, World Youth Day
The UN wants young people to change the world. In Madrid the Pope will ask them to change themselves.

Who are the real fundamentalists?
Gudrun Kugler | 19 July 2011
tags: fundamentalism, religious freedom, secularism
Secularists who want to evict religion from the public square are strong contenders for the label.

Fundamental rights - or fundamental confusion?
Gudrun Kugler | 07 May 2011
tags: discrimination, European Union, human rights
Voicing an opinion at a human rights forum can be a scary business.

France’s faceless women
Abdullah Saeed | 14 April 2011
tags: face veil, France, Islam
Seldom do we object when people wear less in public. Why are the French so riled when some women want to wear more?

Marriage 101
Mary Joseph | 10 March 2011
tags: marriage, same-sex marriage
What is so special about marriage between a man and a woman that same-sex couples are not allowed to share in it?

Mass torture in America
Lance Tapley | 18 February 2011
tags: human rights, prisons, torture
There's Guantanamo Bay, and then there are America's supermax prisons, where tens of thousands of citizens are kept in solitary confinement.

Europe’s marginalised Christians
Gudrun Kugler | 24 January 2011
tags: Christianity, Christianophobia, interviews, intolerance
Are intolerance and discrimination against Christians a real problem in Europe? An Austrian lawyer says 'Yes'.

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