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medical trends

What will happen when antibiotics stop working?
Roger Pickup | 06 June 2016
tags: antibiotics, epidemics, health policy, healthcare
How will society change in a post-antibiotic era? Will we still greet people with a hug or handshake?

The new ethical frontier: DIY eugenics
Michael Cook | 21 May 2015
tags: bioethics, Crispr, eugenics, IVF
A disruptive technology promises both medical advances and moral controversy.

Vaccination: ‘No jab, no pay’ policy has a serious ethical sting
Stephen S Holden | 16 April 2015
tags: parental rights, vaccination
The Australian government's plan to withhold cash benefits for unvaccinated children is ethically precarious.

Cool heads are needed on the abortion-breast cancer link
David van Gend | 27 August 2014
tags: abortion, breast cancer, media frenzy, prostate cancer
Ostracism, scorn and denial are not good strategies for dealing with an important public health issue.

Tipping the balance towards humanity in World War Z
Judy-Anne Osborn | 21 June 2013
tags: epidemics, mathematics, public health, zombies
Can the craze for zombie films help us to understand the dangers of epidemic diseases?

We’re all mad here
Allen Frances | 21 May 2013
tags: DSM-5, psychiatry
That's the message of the new edition of the bible for American psychiatrists, DSM-5. Diagnostic inflation is about to become hyperinflation.

Chile and Ireland, where motherhood really is safe
Elard Koch | 21 March 2013
tags: abortion law, Chile, Ireland, maternal health
What makes these two countries so similar in matters of maternal health and abortion?

Bill Gates and his mixed up global health agenda
Carolyn Moynihan | 15 February 2013
tags: Bill Gates, polio eradication, population control
Bill and Melinda Gates want to stop polio and also the growth of third world population. One of these campaigns could be undermining the other.

Thomas Szasz: man versus myth
Theron Bowers | 23 October 2012
tags: mental health, psychiatry
An unconventional psychiatrist reminds us that the zeal to help is easily corrupted by a need for control.

It’s babies lost, not born, that tend to shorten a mother’s life
Priscilla K. Coleman | 14 September 2012
tags: abortion, maternal mortality, perinatal death
A new study based on Danish registries shows abortion is not safer than birth.

The Fix: How addiction is invading our lives
Francis Phillips | 11 September 2012
tags: addiction, book reviews, drug abuse, obesity
Addiction to cupcakes, coke, drink or the horses is not a disease, but a choice, says a reformed alcoholic.

Is it possible to have safe, legal and rare euthanasia?
Pravin Thevathasan | 02 July 2012
tags: BMA, euthanasia, UK
A leading medical journal in the UK is backing a movement for the legalisation of assisted dying.

Will pigs usher in the next medical revolution?
Peter Cowan | 14 December 2011
tags: organ donation, stem cells, xenotransplantation
Transplanting organs from pigs could be the answer to the shortage of organs for desperately ill patients.

A hospice in the womb
Carolyn Moynihan | 09 December 2011
tags: abortion, perinatal hospice, prenatal testing
When prenatal diagnosis brings bad news about their child, parents deserve a real choice of paths. Happily, there is a beautiful option available.

Organ donation: crossing the line
Nancy Valko | 06 October 2011
tags: donation after cardiac death, euthanasia, organ donation
Linking the "right to die" with organ donation has opened a terrible Pandora's Box.

Too much information?
Margaret Somerville | 23 August 2011
tags: censorship, euthanasia, patients' rights
The PR department of a hospital thought so, but patients are entitled to consider all sides of an issue such as euthanasia.

After the war on tobacco - a campaign for self-control?
Carolyn Moynihan | 01 July 2011
tags: public health, smoking, virtue
Is it really more difficult than fighting multinational corporations on every front?

Your Constitutional right to be crazy
Theron Bowers | 24 February 2011
tags: human rights, insanity, law
The man who killed six people and seriously wounded a Congresswoman in Tucson was crazy. But not crazy enough to be locked up.

Taking childbirth home
John Bambenek | 16 February 2011
tags: childbirth, freedom, hospitals, medical insurance
Thanks to the risk management brigade, a woman in an obstetric ward is little more than a potential plaintiff.

A tough call
Cristina Alarcon | 12 February 2011
tags: abortion, conscientious objection, pharmacists
Does conscience protection excuse a health professional from providing after-abortion care?

Pre-natal screening: where is the debate?
Stella McLeod | 16 December 2010
tags: Down syndrome, New Zealand, prenatal testing
At the very least there should be a democratic debate on targeting Down syndrome babies for destruction.

Enough of ethnic cleansing in the womb
Mike Sullivan | 16 December 2010
tags: Down syndrome, genocide, prenatal testing
A group of New Zealanders are calling authorities to account for a genocidal campaign.

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