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Simplicity parenting: how to raise emotionally healthy children
Eloise Cataudella | 18 February 2015
tags: child development, culture of excess, parenting
Four steps to restoring balance in a child's life. (Part 2 of two.)

Out of the cave: leading our children away from celebrity culture
Holly Hamilton-Bleakley | 02 July 2014
tags: celebrity culture, parenting, philosophy
We are surrounded by images and messages that do not tell the truth about the good life.

Lessons from Sandy Hook
Rick Fitzgibbons | 03 December 2013
tags: gun control, Sandy Hook school shootings, video games
A government report on a school shooting in which six adults and 20 children died fails to establish a motive.

Where are the fathers? We need them
Peter Jon Mitchell | 04 September 2013
tags: fatherhood, parenting
Scholarly research backs up common sense: fathers bring unique gifts to parenting.

The myth of “normal” sibling rivalry
Izzy Kalman | 27 August 2013
tags: bullying, child development, parenting
How can it be healthy for brothers to fight like cats and dogs if school bullying is pathological?

Zero-sum parenting
Mary Rice Hasson | 13 June 2013
tags: big families, book reviews, New York Times, one-child policy
Journalist Lauren Sandler, an only child and the mother of one, has written a popular book celebrating the joys of time for yourself. Is that the way to happiness?

Not so fast!
Walter R. Schumm | 08 June 2013
tags: same-sex parenting, statistics
A one-page report on the success of same-sex parenting was reported around the world this week. How reliable is it?

A boy’s life with unisex scouts
Anthony Esolen | 23 May 2013
tags: Boy Scouts, homosexuality
The Boy Scouts of America will vote today on whether they will admit homosexual scouts. Will they become the Unisex Scouts, as they are in Canada, where the scouting movement has collapsed?

Adoption conundrums
Rick Fitzgibbons | 06 September 2012
tags: adoption, same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting
Same-sex parenting deprives children of a mother or father. But isn't the same thing happening with heterosexual adoption?

Children made me
Helen M. Alvaré | 30 August 2012
tags: books, Catholic faith, Women Speak for Themselves
A Catholic academic and feminist tells how she discovered the meaning of marriage and the joy of self-giving.

Babies, birth control, and what teens really want
Meg T. McDonnell | 18 July 2012
tags: birth control, teenage pregnancy
A campaign to prevent teenage pregnancy ignores the clues young people themselves give about the real remedies.

“The kids are all right”? Think again
Michael Cook | 15 June 2012
tags: Mark Regnerus, same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting
There have been no robust academic studies of gay parenting which prove that it is every bit as good as the traditional family.

Does it really make no difference if your parents are straight or gay?
Walter R. Schumm | 15 June 2012
tags: Mark Regnerus, New Family Structures Study, same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting
New data from a well-designed study suggest that it does, and it's not good news for the kids of same-sex couples.

Protecting children online
Carolyn Moynihan | 01 June 2012
tags: internet safety, pornography
Opt-in filtering for porn would be a great help to parents. Why should it be so difficult?

An unknown unknown for gay marriage supporters
Michael Cook | 29 May 2012
tags: same-sex marriage, surrogacy
Same-sex marriage has a dark secret: its potential for exploiting women in developing countries.

No Biking in the House without a Helmet
Mary Cooney | 21 May 2012
tags: adoption, book reviews, large families
A rollicking account of a large and unusual family.

Is it better never to have been born?
Michael Cook | 08 May 2012
tags: bioethics, children, utilitarianism
The joys of bringing a child into the world are not persuasive for some contemporary philosophers.

Dangerous housewives
Mariette Ulrich | 02 May 2012
tags: feminism, stay-at-home Mom
Stay-at-home moms are a problem, all right. They think, educate their children and vote.

Enough of parenting misery lit
Mariette Ulrich | 12 April 2012
tags: parenting, work-life balance
Raising kids is not a Sunday stroll in the park, but if you never get there, whose fault is it?

Values for life
Louise Kirk | 29 February 2012
tags: character education, sex education
Most sex education fails because it does not prepare children for life. A successful values programme is changing all that.

Bullying: governments can diagnose, but they can’t cure
Peter Jon Mitchell | 24 February 2012
tags: bullying, Canada
The Ontario government has vastly over-estimated its ability to solve problems like school bullying. Don't families have a role in this?

The honour killings which shook Canada’s soul
Rebekah Hebbert | 14 February 2012
tags: Canada, honor killings, multiculturalism
Wealthy Afghan immigrants murdered the first wife and three daughters because they had become too “Western”.

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