Sex and society articles

sex and society

The science behind pornography
Kevin Majeres | 22 July 2016
tags: addiction, neuroscience, pornography
How to break the momentum.

William Shakespeare and the Socratic-Christian Heritage
Joseph Hebert | 22 July 2016
tags: chivalry, Shakespeare, virtue
Exposing folly and fanaticism wherever he finds them.

Google, why #prideforeveryone and not #hopeforeveryone?
Daan van Schalkwijk | 08 July 2016
tags: google, LGBT movement, pride
Can a company that endorses pride be trusted?

How a rolling sexual revolution is crushing freedom
Gabriele Kuby | 08 July 2016
tags: democracy, gender ideology, sexual revolution
A strong voice from Europe warns that 'sexual liberation' is anything but.

Not your grandfather’s transgenderism
Zac Alstin | 29 June 2016
tags: freedom of speech, LGBT activism, transgenderism
Why some LBGs want to ‘Drop the T’.

Regret Isn’t Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery’s Success
Walt Heyer | 24 June 2016
tags: sex change, suicide, transgender
Stop enabling the delusion.

The Zeitgeist of self-delusion
Michael Cook | 22 June 2016
tags: films, transgenderism
Meryl Streep's latest film is a parable of contemporary transgenderism

Body shaming: it’s about more than shape
Carolyn Moynihan | 17 June 2016
tags: body image, sexual exploitation, women's dignity
A ban on certain ads in London leaves a basic issue unaddressed.

Rendering the sexed body legally invisible
Erika Bachiochi | 17 June 2016
tags: laws, transgender rights, women's rights
How transgender law hurts women.

A de-sexed society is a de-humanised society
Stella Morabito | 03 June 2016
tags: bathroom wars, state's rights, transgenderism
Tyranny comes disguised as 'civil rights'.

Paypal’s gay picnic threat: a symbolic masterpiece in disguise
Zac Alstin | 26 May 2016
tags: online shopping, same-sex parenting, satire
The online giant reveals surprising artistic depths.

Give Elsa a girlfriend? No, give the kids a break
Carolyn Moynihan | 18 May 2016
tags: Disney, Frozen, LGBT activism
The campaign for Frozen 2 politicises children’s entertainment, and that’s unfair.

The hidden dualism of transgenderism
Andrew Mullins | 29 April 2016
tags: dualism, transgenderism
Persons are a body and soul package, not reducible to body or psyche.

New same-sex parenting study: more anger, irritation
Mark Regnerus | 29 April 2016
tags: children's health, same-sex parenting, social science
Is the science settled, or just unsettling?

Transforming the right to privacy
William C. Duncan | 28 April 2016
tags: privacy, rights, sexual revolution
From a right to be left alone, privacy has become a tool to erase the truly private sphere.

The scientific objectivity of gender difference
Glenn T. Stanton | 14 April 2016
tags: femininity, gender difference, masculinity
The prevailing “cultural construct” theory of gender is more rooted in ideology than actuality.

The long and winding road
James Parker | 22 March 2016
tags: gay advocacy, homosexuality
A one-time activist reflects on his journey out of the gay lifestyle

Men struggle with porn addiction, some women want to feed it
Carolyn Moynihan | 10 March 2016
tags: pornography addiction
Good news and bad news about one of the greatest evils of the 21st century.

The collapse of gender sanity
Rachel Lu | 26 February 2016
tags: gender roles, Republicans, women in the military
Waging war on innate sexual difference.

Feminism forgets the primacy of private life
Belinda Brown | 18 February 2016
tags: feminism, work of the home
Its assumption that the public realm is the most important hurts women and families.

Where are all the men? Dating in the 21st century
Bernard Toutounji | 09 February 2016
tags: dating
Women were keen, but we had to beg men to come to a dating event.

Was there anything really new about the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne?
Carolyn Moynihan | 13 January 2016
tags: Cologne attacks, refugees, women's rights
Not if you look at the big picture of sexual crimes.

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