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women in society

The return of the housewife
Ada Slivinski | 15 February 2016
tags: housewives, housework
Women are reclaiming the word “housewife” as old-fashioned homemaking comes back into vogue.

The Hunger Games herald the ultimate feminist dream
Kathy Gyngell | 30 November 2015
tags: feminism, The Hunger Games, women in military
Women soldiers fighting Islamic State.

The critical challenge of gender equality
Zac Alstin | 08 October 2014
tags: gender equality, violence against women
We need to critique the excesses of new social orthodoxies from a considered position.

Equal but different: what the UN and feminism still don’t get
Caroline Farrow | 06 March 2014
tags: motherhood, United Nations, women's rights
Another International Women's Day, another pleasing soundbite about equality.

Jolie’s Choice
Michael Cook | 20 May 2013
tags: bioethics, breast cancer, celebrities
Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy made headlines around the world. But is she sending women the right message?

A sense of purpose
Peter Smith | 09 April 2013
tags: Margaret Thatcher, obituaries, UK
Mrs Thatcher’s steely resolve to improve Britain is sorely needed today, but tempered by compassion for the post-industrial working class.

She served her country well
Joanna Bogle | 09 April 2013
tags: Margaret Thatcher, obituaries, UK
Courage, kindness and conviction were the hallmarks of the Margaret Thatcher I knew.

Why men fight
Robert R. Reilly | 26 January 2013
tags: ethics of warfare, women in military
Will women in front-line combat duty change the way men behave in combat?

The third rail of feminism
Michael Cook | 11 December 2012
tags: Africa, female genital mutilation, feminism
Why isn't the media interested in the facts about the controversial practice of female genital mutilation?

The marriage gap in the women’s vote
Meg T. McDonnell | 03 December 2012
tags: 2012 elections, marriage gap, women vote
President Obama won 65 percent of the single women's vote by promising to look after them.

“Till death do us part”
Teresa Cooney and Christine Proulx | 29 November 2012
tags: ageing, divorce, end-of-life care
As millions of divorced baby boomers age, some are rediscovering the meaning of their marriage vows.

Misogyny for the politically disenchanted
Zac Alstin | 02 November 2012
tags: Australia, feminism, misogyny, rhetoric
The Australian Prime Minister became an internet sensation after she denounced the misogyny of the Opposition Leader in Parliament. But does the word mean anything any more?

Of wars and women
Alma Acevedo | 16 October 2012
tags: justice, US presidential election, women
The rhetoric of warfare in the US election campaign masks an unjust cause.

Will “choice” trump even gendercide?
Margaret Somerville | 03 October 2012
tags: Canada, sex selective abortions
A new page in Canada’s abortion debate will force pro-choice politicians to decide just how non-negotiable their position is.

The end of men - and women
Carolyn Moynihan | 24 September 2012
tags: gender equality, men, post-industrial economy
If masculinity is doomed, so is femininity, as a new book demonstrates.

A dangerous dish on the cultural menu
Monica Gabriel and Kara Eschbach | 21 September 2012
tags: college, hooking up, women's issues
Are “boys on the side” really the answer to young women’s career ambitions?

Planned Bullyhood
Meg T. McDonnell | 18 September 2012
tags: Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen Foundation
A new book gives an insider's view of the Susan G. Komen Foundation vs. Planned Parenthood battle.

Catholic women and that other contraceptive mandate
Carolyn Moynihan | 14 September 2012
tags: Catholic Church, contraception, natural family planning
Why do so many church-going women reject Catholic teaching on family planning? At last someone has asked them.

Children made me
Helen M. Alvaré | 30 August 2012
tags: books, Catholic faith, Women Speak for Themselves
A Catholic academic and feminist tells how she discovered the meaning of marriage and the joy of self-giving.

The mixed legacy of Helen Gurley Brown
Carolyn Moynihan | 17 August 2012
tags: marriage, media criticism, sexual revolution
The Cosmopolitan editor’s sexual agenda has been a spectacular failure for women. What a shame it obscured some rather good advice.

Striking a blow for equality, perhaps
Carolyn Moynihan | 10 August 2012
tags: equality, Olympics, women
What kind of victory is it for women to appear on the world stage punching each other?

What’s behind our girl-harming culture?
Dale O'Leary | 20 June 2012
tags: American Psychological Association, sexualisation of children
A professional body tackles the issue of the sexualisation of girls but fails miserably to diagnose the cause.

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