Nikolas Cruz, school shooter, fatherless adolescent

by Carolyn Moynihan | February 19, 2018


One of the things that first struck me in the reports about the horrific school shooting in Florida was the size of the school: it has 3000 students. I think some high schools in New Zealand are 2000 or so, and that seems already too big. Perhaps I am just out of touch with the reality of education today.but schools on this scale seem like industrial complexes to me.

At a time when so many teenagers are so needy, lacking stable families and especially their fathers' steady presence, schools are well placed to compensate to some extent for this critical lack and perhaps prevent such murderous outbreaks. But the scale -- and anonymity? -- of institutions like the one Cruz had attended seem to preclude this. That, anyway, is one of my thoughts on this tragedy.


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