Andrea Mrozek

Eight myths of choice

5 Dec 2017
Autonomy is not the highest value in life.

More than Harvey’s secret is out

27 Oct 2017
Everything from relationships to shopping malls is corrupted.

Waiting women

31 Aug 2017
If a woman has to wait for an abortion, there is an outcry. Think how that affects women waiting for a child.

At the heart of health

27 Apr 2017
In Canada, a ground-breaking programme for heart attack patients and their spouses.

Parenting partnerships add to the web of lies about families

27 Feb 2017
Websites bringing together people solely to produce a child exploits a modern malaise.

Aren’t four legal parents too much of a good thing?

27 Oct 2016
Ontario deletes 'mother' and 'father' from its proposed multi-parent law.

How the #changeroomproject isolates people

6 Apr 2016
Drawing attention to vulnerabilities creates new problems.

New research busts myths about universal daycare

24 Sep 2015
A major study finds negative effects of a much-lauded system in Quebec.

Scandinavian Unexceptionalism

15 Sep 2015
How Sweden’s wealth, work and motivation have suffered due to the welfare state.

Medicating womanhood

30 Jul 2015

Public life after same-sex marriage: Canada

10 Jul 2015
Same-sex marriage tightens the stranglehold of political correctness.

Income splitting: a fairer deal for Canadian families

31 Oct 2014
Government move will ease pressure on parents and help family stability, says supporters.

Familial love is not a contract

15 Aug 2014
No-one thrives when they believe the love of their family exists only by contractual obligation.

The unspeakable link between family stability and prosperity

2 Apr 2014
The first step to solving a problem is recognising that one exists.

Family structure: it’s an education in itself

24 Jan 2013
An international report finds a clear educational advantage in developed countries for children living with two parents.

I’ll drink to that!

25 Oct 2012
In Canada, two pro-life jailbirds have been awarded Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medals.

Demographic Bomb - the movie that says demography is destiny

17 Aug 2009
What should we make of a movie claiming the human family is headed for decline?

Social justice and the family

7 Mar 2009
Big government programs fail the most vulnerable. Is it time for a change?

Prostitution law: a South Sea model?

28 Nov 2008
Canadians should be wary of the much-touted legalised regime in New Zealand.

Same-sex marriage: lessons from Canada

30 Sep 2008
Where gay rights triumph, new rights battles begin.

Standardised childhood

28 Nov 2007
Governments are mandating universal access to day care. A new book argues there is more ideology than science driving this trend.