Andrew Mullins

Andrew Mullins’ career in teaching has included over 30 years teaching the humanities in Australian secondary schools, leading to his interest in presenting the wisdom of classical thinkers and philosophers. In his position as headmaster of Wollemi College, in Sydney, he has involved parents in the process of developing values in young people. He is the author of Parenting for Character. He is currently working on a doctorate on the neural bases of virtue.

‘I only dance on bits of paper’

2 May 2019
Australia's fattest, greatest and best-loved poet dies at 80

Single sex education offers advantages for students and for parents

17 Jan 2019
It can justly take its place in a multicultural and egalitarian society

Protecting gay students becomes political football in Australia

16 Oct 2018
Scott Morrison dithers over the advice of an expert panel

Protecting religious freedoms in a same sex marriage state is asking the impossible   

14 Feb 2018
What fairy dust can make same-sex marriage a family-friendly institution?

The tragedy of self-indulgent sex

12 Feb 2018
We need to find a new ways to defend the old-fashioned virtue of purity

Can gender theory prove coeducation is better?

22 Jan 2018
Only if it imposes itself by force onto the education system

Uncanny parallels

19 Sep 2017
The critique of a German theologian of Nazism is relevant to today's struggle against gay marriage

Education minister should do his homework

1 Sep 2017
Politicians can't ignore the impact that same-sex marriage will have on kids' education

The real issue behind the single-sex education debate

26 Sep 2016
There is no consensus that children are disadvantaged by studying in a single-sex school

Homosexuality, Marriage and Society

27 Jun 2016
An Australian rabbi looks at contentious issues through the lens of a universal ethics.

True Grit

21 Jun 2016
Translating crucial lessons about character into everyday life.

The hidden dualism of transgenderism

29 Apr 2016
Persons are a body and soul package, not reducible to body or psyche.

Are you who others think you are?

21 Sep 2015
Reflections on dignity and dementia.

Highly publicised but tragically flawed

9 Sep 2015
Another study falsely claims that there is an ‘overwhelming consensus’ on same-sex parenting.

A media stampede on same-sex marriage can only harm society

4 Jul 2015
Australians should not be rushed into a decision.

Don’t blame the teenage brain for the Boston bomber’s crime

30 Mar 2015
We must address the moral deficit shaping Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s disastrous behaviour.

Single sex schooling and gender theory

7 Apr 2014
New research questions the advantage of separate schools for boys and girls and suggests they lead to role stereotyping.

What’s the matter with analytic philosophy?

4 Sep 2012
Modern philosophy is in a mess. Is Elizabeth Anscombe the way forward?

Stephen Covey: reviving the forgotten notion of virtue

22 Aug 2012
The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People sold tens of millions of copies, promoting the old-fashioned message that success begins with virtues.

The battle to reclaim free will

6 Jul 2012
Most neuroscientists today are materialists who believe that everything we do is determined. But this ignores our rationality and free will. There must be a better way.

Freedom is a no-brainer

23 Oct 2008
Modern science has made great strides in knowledge of the brain. But our brains are not us.

How schools can work with parents

20 Sep 2008
Respecting parents as the first educators of their children is easy. Making it happen is tougher.

The hidden costs of coeducation

13 Mar 2008
With boys’ scores dropping further and further, it’s time to try something new.

Virtue on the brain

26 Jul 2007
Neuroscience is demanding that we put good habits at the centre of child rearing.

Virtue rediscovered

13 Jul 2007
After an eclipse which has lasted decades, modern psychology says that happiness comes from living a virtuous life.

One Nation Under Therapy

1 Jul 2005
After years of substituting syndromes for sins and self-esteem for achievement, many parents no longer feel the need to educate the characters of their children, say the authors of One Nation Under Therapy.

Classic dads

3 Dec 2004
The Roman Forum never bustled with Fathers' Day shoppers since dies patrum had not yet been invented. But, make no mistake, fatherhood was appreciated two thousand years ago. If Greek and Roman literature is any indication, many ancient writers regarded it as a great privilege to raise children, and they were not short on parenting know-how.