Ann Farmer

Ann Farmer lives in the UK. She is the author of By Their Fruits: Eugenics, Population Control, and the Abortion Campaign (CUAP, 2008); The Language of Life: Christians Facing the Abortion Challenge (St Pauls, 1995), and Prophets & Priests: the Hidden Face of the Birth Control Movement (St Austin Press, 2002).

UK nursing body bans ‘ladies’ and other ‘offensive words’

7 Feb 2020
The real problem in hospitals is not being spoken to at all

What accounts for Western indifference to Christian persecution?

4 Feb 2020
Commercial interests carry more weight with governments

The gentler sex? Violence by females against men rises in UK

29 Jan 2020
So why are we glamourising female violence in films and TV?

Are UK ‘experts’ silencing debate on trans kids?

21 Jan 2020
They believe in free speech as long as they agree with it

Christian themes at stake in retelling of Dracula

9 Jan 2020
The Netflix version sucks the lifeblood from the classic tale

Equality? Tell that to the Marines

11 Dec 2019
The two faces of diversity and inclusion

Whodunnit? The resurrection of the murder mystery

25 Nov 2019
The detective will be necessary as long as the problem of evil remains

Have we reached peak trans madness? Sorry, but no

20 Nov 2019
How about identifying as another race?

Neville Chamberlain, eugenicist and bird-watcher: a man for our times?

13 Nov 2019
Some Britons are campaigning for rehabilitation

Is the parenting gig just too much work?

11 Nov 2019
Why would anyone want to have kids, asks a British reality TV star

British Labour MP claims nearly all male giraffes are gay

29 Oct 2019
Shadow Minister ridiculed over LGBT+ speech

Is obesity the last legitimate prejudice?

16 Oct 2019
UK public health experts lay into fat kids while giving a pass to the promiscuous

Gender-neutral dolls: toying with kids’ sexuality

26 Sep 2019
Let's see how the children choose

Female genital mutilation: horrid for Muslims but healthy if you’re trans?

16 Sep 2019
Britain's latest health service is beyond ironic

The fairy tale that became a nightmare: ‘gender advice books’ for children

6 Sep 2019
Would you read this book with your 7-year-old?

Women and work-life balance: work wins and life is in the balance

2 Sep 2019
Children tend to be the losers

Sexing up ‘Sanditon’, Jane Austen’s last, unfinished, novel

27 Aug 2019
But will this disgraceful strategy win more viewers?

Pink or blue? Why are gender reveal parties so popular?

12 Aug 2019
The woman who kicked it all off is having regrets

Meghan, Harry, Archie and Jane have a plan for saving the planet

1 Aug 2019
Population controllers have the ear of Britain's Royal Family

Would a marriage proposal ruin your graduation day?

25 Jul 2019
Feminists go ballistic over a romantic incident

Incels: the return of the foolish virgin?

15 Jul 2019
Modern sex education has a lot to answer for

Treasure Island: a lost world of adventure for today’s youngsters

4 Jul 2019
PC indoctrination will bring them no happy ending

Prince William and the new LGBT ruling classes

28 Jun 2019
He should be wary of helping to build up another privileged group

Taunting Trump: Free speech for me, but not for thee

5 Jun 2019
On the UK left, selective attention disorder

Discarding the disabled

27 May 2019
Britain’s Whorlton Hall scandal shows how difficult it is to reform mental health services

‘Trans’ four-year-old: the innocent sacrificed by the amoral directed by the immoral?

13 May 2019
A UK judge has green-lighted transition for a toddler

Hellish hymns

6 May 2019
Pop songs push Christian hymns out of top 10 funeral choices

Little green men and awfully green humans

1 May 2019
Far from fresh, green philosophy reeks of stale old Malthusianism

The eco-gospel according to Saint Greta

26 Apr 2019
Environmentalism is fast becoming a religion

Misgendering, or miscarriage of justice?

22 Mar 2019
UK police investigate a possible pronoun crime

Not even Brexit can distract Britannia from sex education

27 Feb 2019
Sex-ed and the rise of the parental State

The Orwellian nightmare of ‘trans truth’

15 Feb 2019
How can a woman be both a mother and a father?

Watch with daddies: BBC ‘equality’ drive embraces children’s story time

4 Feb 2019
Modern fairy tales about same-sex parenting.

Sexual revolution: honeymoon over?

21 Jan 2019
But they’re trying everything, including ‘ethical porn’, to keep it going

Call the abortionist: the BBC rewrites history

16 Jan 2019
Please don't mention the eugenicists.

The 21st Century feminist fantasy: strong women, weak men, no children

7 Jan 2019
Rewriting classic fiction verges on churning out propaganda

Children: the trans money-maker

5 Dec 2018
A British doctor is convicted of illegally offering services to children as young as 12.

Love died; but who killed sex?

19 Nov 2018
Why are so many Millennials celibate?

Celebrants of death at the Cenotaph

12 Nov 2018
Why would humanists be represented at the National Remembrance Day Service?

Asia Bibi freed, Austrian woman convicted of denigrating Islam

1 Nov 2018
Europe is enslaved to new blasphemy laws

Are women dying to kill in the armed forces?

29 Oct 2018
Now is their chance in the UK.

Celebration cake – paid for by the baker

12 Oct 2018
The British Supreme Court rules against compelled speech, at a cost.

Jazzing up the snowflakes 

5 Oct 2018
Clapping has been banned at a UK university because it could offend some minorities

A ‘non-binary’ British dad stars among top female executives

25 Sep 2018
All aboard the trans diversity express.

‘Whiter than white’ gets you a black mark in the British police

19 Sep 2018
While real racism attracts millions in government funds.

Who had the bright idea of trans-ferring men to women’s prisons?

12 Sep 2018
Another day in the loopy world of transgender ideology

Why is the BBC promoting adultery?

7 Sep 2018
Its new drama follows an old and failed prescription for fulfilment

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