Ann Farmer

Ann Farmer lives in the UK. She is the author of By Their Fruits: Eugenics, Population Control, and the Abortion Campaign (CUAP, 2008); The Language of Life: Christians Facing the Abortion Challenge (St Pauls, 1995), and Prophets & Priests: the Hidden Face of the Birth Control Movement (St Austin Press, 2002).

Pythonesque RSPCA embraces trans language

2 Aug 2018
A lady wakes up to a python in 'their' bed. Hmmm.

Designer babies are ‘morally permissible’ says British bioethics group

20 Jul 2018
They do not rule out cosmetic use of genetic engineering.

British Government lectures the Vatican on contraception

18 Jul 2018
Yet Humanae Vitae's predictions about the pill have materialised.

Ending the war on cannabis: bold move or white flag?

21 Jun 2018
A Conservative British peer calls for marijuana to be legalised.

Are dead white males like Shakespeare really irrelevant to Britain’s students?

13 Jun 2018
Not just the Bard, but also Pope, Dryden and Shelley

‘What a piece of work is…’ How humans are yielding their dignity to animals

7 May 2018
Animals and plants acquire rights, human rights are dialed back.

Alfie Evans: the NHS, from the cradle to the grave?

2 May 2018
Does the controversial case represent the failure of Britain’s public health system?

Saving elephants and squirrels, but not humans

9 Apr 2018
British passion to conserve species runs out at the abortion clinic door.

No matter how they slice it, men can’t win

24 Jan 2018
Even a psychologist’s advice to men to ‘grow up’ becomes a patriarchal ploy

Consent app won’t save you from the law, young people warned

22 Jan 2018
But the moral risks of swipe-and-go sex are far worsse.

Brexit, pursued by Big Nurse, who wants our children

5 Dec 2017
The psychic frailty of schoolchildren is the latest fetish of the UK nanny state.

The myth of the coat hanger abortion

24 Oct 2017
It's an potent symbol and a cynical myth

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