Barbara Kay

Barbara Kay is a weekly columnist for the National Post newspaper in Canada and a regular contributor to the Post’s opinion blog, FullComment. Her writing also
appears in various publications and other opinion blogs, usually on the subject of cultural trends related to feminism and multiculturalism. She is a former college teacher of English Literature and Composition, and has a long record of service to voluntary organizations in the Jewish and general communities of Montreal, where she lives with her husband of
46 years (as of 2010). Her hobbies include reading, reading and reading plus enough gym time to satisfy the exercise nazis. Her favourite extra-curricular activity is hanging out with her son and daughter and their families in Montreal and Toronto, and even more so at the Maine beach house they all love.

The scary phenomenon of ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’

27 Aug 2018
How would you react if your son or daughter suddenly decided that they are in the wrong body?

Canada’s own little Stalins are making politically incorrect authors disappear

13 Apr 2018
The 'disappearance' of a young novelist is so satiric, someone should make a film about it.

There’s no safe space on campus to debate bathroom politics

7 Mar 2018
Disagreement with gender neutral policies is a forbidden opinion.

If you can choose your own gender, why not race?

15 Feb 2018
Well you can, Delaware students are told.

Scholars beware: mobbing is the new discussion

26 May 2017
A lone academic defies political correctness.

The Handmaid’s Tale: more sci-fi than believable dystopia

3 May 2017
Margaret Atwood's Christian theocracy is based on ideology, not reality.

Mike Pence’s dining preference is ‘rape culture’?

4 Apr 2017
By that flimsy standard, what isn’t?

Fascism in America?

2 Feb 2017
Sure, but not because of You Know Who.

For gender Marxists, pronouns are the latest front in the revolution

9 Nov 2016
The case for a Canadian professor who refuses to use meaningless terms.

David Brown: the black leader America needs

20 Jul 2016
'We’re asking cops to do too much in this country.'

There is not just one ‘trans’ narrative

2 Jun 2016
But turf warriors are bent on imposing an absolutist dogma.

Fondly remembering Mao: Western universities and ‘hemispatial neglect’

16 Mar 2016
Naming a scholarship after Mao is an ideological disorder.

Most Muslims aren’t jihadists, of course. But some of them are

2 Feb 2016
There can be an Islam without Islamism, but no Islamism without Islam.

White Ribbon Day: Not all violence against women is equal

25 Nov 2015
The feminist focus on ‘patriarchy’ ignores cultural differences.

‘Hush’: the breast cancer risk we don’t mention

26 Oct 2015
A new documentary film challenges the official silence on abortion risk.

A defence of the classic virtues

30 Jul 2015
Will virtue outlive the habits of religion?

‘No, you can’t get treatment for your child’s gender confusion’

4 Jun 2015
An Ontario bill would ban a proven therapy for children suffering gender dysphoria.

Adolescent fiction: from Nancy Drew to Scars

6 May 2015
Does immersion in dark fictional worlds really help teenagers?

Rape culture, Rolling Stone and false witness against men

9 Apr 2015
The myth that rape is a common crime on campus is having an interminable cultural moment.

Twitter is the new Colosseum

20 Feb 2015
Few victims survive the onslaught. Ask Justine Sacco.

The slow, tentative return of women’s lost sense of sexual honour

16 Sep 2014
Something in our nature craves the constraints that produce the rewards an honour code confers.

Wicca, Raelism, Animism, Christianity…

13 Dec 2012
All must be accorded absolute respect, according to a draconian mandate from Quebec's education junta.

Blithely down the slippery slope

17 Nov 2011
The Royal Society of Canada recommends legalising euthanasia.

Donor offspring are people - with rights - too

24 May 2011
A Canadian provincial court rules that gamete donors may not hide their identity.

Judge rebukes ‘totalitarian’ secularism

23 Jun 2010
The Inquisition makes a good match for the Quebec Ministry of Education.

Male Studies 101: the Titanic

16 Apr 2010
A new academic discipline launched this week should analyze the patriarchy in the more complex and objective light it deserves.

Riled by the R-word

11 Mar 2010
Disabled people need all the support we can give them. They don't need ideologues who teach that disability is a social construct.

J D Salinger’s American Dream

2 Feb 2010
A quest for authenticity that turned prolonged immaturity into an ideal.

How to cure an addict: compassion or tough love?

26 Nov 2009
In reality, a heavy dose of moralism and judgement works wonders.

Grow up, will you?

16 Oct 2009
Once upon a time, you were supposed to grow up. That was a long time ago. Now you can stay an adolescent forever.

All shall be poor

28 Aug 2009
How today’s sexual narcissists insist on propagating their dreary values.

Justifying one’s existence

28 Jul 2009

Choosing to live out one’s natural life will soon be as unpopular as refusing an abortion.

Messing with Mother Nature

20 Jul 2009
The human species is changing but we're stuck on polar bears

Holding up a mirror to perversity

27 May 2009
Francis Bacon represents an art world bent on showing the human body in its most degraded form.

Reduced to pulp

11 May 2009
A British publisher is persuaded that an encyclopedia of Christianity with Christian content is not such a good idea after all.

Quebec kids to learn Orwellian spirituality

14 Jan 2009
All school children in Quebec are being forced to study moral relativism. 

Education suffers from high self-esteem

14 Nov 2008
Students bubble-wrapped against failure lack both humility and motivation in their approach to higher learning.

Religulous superstitions

7 Oct 2008
Belief in God is a prophylactic against tarot cards and pseudoscience.

From ‘pot’ to ‘skunk’: new verdict on a noxious weed

29 May 2008
Authorities and opinion makers who embraced cannabis in earlier decades are having to smoke their words.

Misandry is the message

15 May 2008
A Canadian columnist lifts the lid on the last respectable form of cultural bias.

Who’s oppressing who?

4 Apr 2008
One of Canada’s leading newspaper columnists takes on the ideology of feminism.