Barbara Lilley

Jobs for the boys and girls – unless you are pro-life

26 Feb 2018
Canada wants you to swear to support abortion and gay rights to get summer jobs funding.

Too many young people think life is a reality show

21 Jun 2017
The Michelle Carter case should give us pause.

It’s a hashtag world of sentiment

1 Jun 2017
But does it do any good to the victims we are so publicly sorry for?

Poor, poor snowflake generation!

28 Nov 2016
Why are so many millennials so emotionally fragile?

World’s oldest profession: Embrace it or banish it?

30 Oct 2009
Should prostitution be legal and supported by society or banished for good?

Children are worth having

17 Aug 2009
Are people who have children selfish? Would the world be better off if more of us were childless?

Against the odds

19 Jul 2009
Diabetes is not a death sentence. A writer celebrates her 30th anniversary of being diabetic as a life affirming moment.

Red carpet morality

9 Feb 2009
Hollywood is in the midst of putting its best and brightest up on a pedestal. Should the rest of us?

Not your father’s Levi’s

23 Oct 2008
The world jean giant is hardly alone but Levi Strauss is leading the charge in a new raunchy ad campaign that goes one step beyond.

I am woman; I am strong

10 Sep 2008
And you know what? I like Sarah Palin. She's a better role model for my daughters than Gloria Steinem. 

Coddling kindergartners

1 Sep 2008
Staggered school entry? What next from the bubble-wrap department?