Campbell Markham

Campbell Markham lives in Hobart, Tasmania, and has been a Presbyterian pastor for nearly 20 years.  He is married to Amanda-Sue, with four teenage children.  He is currently Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania, teaches New Testament Greek, and has a passion for languages and history.

Prepare for persecution

12 Oct 2018
Religious exemptions are a double-edged sword, says an Australian pastor

The dehumanising effect of Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commission

21 Mar 2018
A chemical attack on our freedom of speech and conscience.

How one pastor is responding to Australia’s redefinition of marriage

4 Dec 2017
A Presbyterian pastor explains why he is relinquishing his status as a marriage celebrant

After 50 years, the magic of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band wears off

7 Jun 2017
It was a fabulous album, but it ushered in an era of spiritual vacuity and crass materialism

Unbelieving the resurrection

12 Apr 2017
Doubting Thomas is a lesson for us all.

Christmas is not for Christians

16 Dec 2016
Even if the French Council of State thinks it is.

We must not surrender to ‘gross conforming stupidity’

31 Oct 2016
Generations have fought for freedom of conscience. We cannot buckle now under pressure from same-sex marriage advocates.

An outstanding resource for the fight for marriage

30 Sep 2016
David van Gend's book has provoked outrage, but it is an eloquent defence of the weak and vulnerable

Areopagitica Tasmania

29 Sep 2016
A classic defence of free speech is relevant to today's debate about hate speech

Learning French, with a little help from my friends

1 Sep 2016
Unsuspected resources for mastering a language

The courage of Joan of Arc

27 May 2016
A tribute to the Maid of Orleans for the anniversary of her death.

Ancient wisdom about standing up to tyranny

15 Apr 2016
In 2500 years, Sophocles' Antigone has lost none of its relevance.