Carson Holloway

Donald Trump was elected because elites have failed the working class

4 Apr 2019
Why didn’t we see this coming?

Can Liberalism change?

26 Jan 2018
Identity politics is destroying Liberalism.

Utopian aspirations in the fight against climate change: a call for moderation

30 Jun 2017
Climate activists need to temper their expectations.

Trump, hillbillies, and the forgotten men and women of America

20 Jan 2017
Is family the key to generational poverty?

Aristotle explains the Trump phenomenon

22 Apr 2016
The cry of the 'unjustly unequal'.

Why Trump Persists

4 Mar 2016
Trump's 'irrational' supporters have legitimate concerns.

Same-sex marriage and inter-racial marriage: not the same thing

25 Aug 2015
Anti-miscegenation laws form a specious analogy.

“If you like your morality, you can keep your morality”

13 Feb 2014
How could we have been so blind to the consequences of the sexual revolution?

Grave evil and political responsibility

21 Mar 2012
Is "a plague on both your houses" a sensible way to cast a vote?

Will gays benefit from same-sex marriage?

14 Jun 2011
Public recognition of same-sex unions will not make homosexuals happier and will not give them the social acceptance that they crave.

Promoting democracy abroad

7 Apr 2011
Is America morally obliged to support democratic movements in the Middle East - or anywhere?

Citizens United and the problem of modern judicial activism

9 Feb 2010
Why the concept of “strict scrutiny” is alien to the Constitution and why it poses a threat to a constitutionally defensible judicial review.

Darwin’s disciples today

27 Dec 2009
Political theorists of all hues claim that Darwin gives scientific credibility to their own theories. One of these is Peter Singer.

The origins of Darwinian political thought

26 Dec 2009
A number of writers about politics and morality have drawn inspiration from Darwin's theory of evolution. How successful were they? First of a two-part series.