Chinwuba Iyizoba

Chinwuba Iyizoba is an electrical engineer in Enugu, Nigeria.

Nigerian teens create sci-fi movies with a broken smartphone

23 Aug 2019
What a little initiative can do

Breadseller or model, a job done well is attractive

5 Apr 2019
A Nigerian rags to riches story about working with love and a smile

Genevieve’s Lion Heart

18 Feb 2019
A Nigerian actor-director resists abortion and makes the big time.

The unsullied reader

20 Apr 2013
An African woman Uzoamaka Maduka, starts a new literary magazine "American Reader" in a bid to help transform American literary culture. Her motivation: "So many of the voices in fiction that are out there are deeply neurotic white male stories of how, 'Oh, I had weird sex'; I kind of felt like, I really don't want to sit still for this".

Where an ageing population is not a problem

24 May 2011
Nigeria could have 725 million people by 2100. This is great news and a great opportunity, says a Nigerian engineer.

Nigeria’s 419 scammers

24 Mar 2011
How did an African country become the internet fraud capital of the world?

Transforming and troubling

16 Nov 2009
Mobile phones are spreading rapidly throughout Africa, bring the blessings of commerce, and the curse of spam.

A Malawian miracle

7 Oct 2009
A boy from Malawi saves his family by building a windmill from discarded rubbish.

Tough love just for Africa?

24 Sep 2009
Despite the rhetoric of Western leaders, it appears the West is happy to keep Africa poor to exploit its natural wealth.

Nigeria’s citadel of injustice

13 Aug 2009

The United Kingdom prepares to repatriate Nigerial prisoners to a country whose justice system appears to be riddled with injustice

The curse of child slavery

14 Jul 2009
Many busy professional couples in Nigeria find it handy to have a child slave to help around the house. Where are the family values in that?

The unfinished emancipation

19 Jun 2009
Thousands of young women have been enslaved in Europe and the US because of permissive Western attitudes. 

Living on a civilisational fault line

3 Jun 2009
President Obama should study Nigeria to see how Christians and Muslims co-exist. 

Silent heroes of Africa

14 May 2009
Life is about more than lifestyle. So which is the real Dark Continent, Africa or Europe?

Bleak stories behind failed condom campaigns

2 Apr 2009
Before blanketing the continent with condoms to stop AIDS, why don't you live in rural Africa for a while? 

Making war on the African child

24 Mar 2009
Will Nigeria be the first country to be bought with Obama’s funding for abortion groups?

After the juju man comes the con man

4 Mar 2009
That giant sucking noise you hear is African doctors and nurses entering US and UK hospitals.