David Breen

When ape becomes man

18 Dec 2018
There is a lot to recommend in the first two Tarzan books …but with caveats.

When “true love” unravels, what next?

24 Oct 2018
Written almost 170 years ago, Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter offers valuable insights.

A mother’s fortitude holds the family together

5 Feb 2018
Siblings thrive in their daily interactions with family and neighbors.

Myths transmit wisdom of the ages

29 Jan 2018
Nathaniel Hawthorne brought ancient Greek stories to life for children.

Sixteen year old knighted for bravery

11 Jan 2018
Cuthbert fights beside his king in the Crusades.

Teen saves girls from angry mob

2 Jan 2018
Courage, elicited in adversity, always makes an interesting read.

Friendship proves crucial to adventure’s success

11 Dec 2017
A boy's own adventure that is hard to put down

Challenging classic is a worthwhile read

6 Dec 2017
A boating accident forces Harvey to grow-up.