David Tuffley

Dr David Tuffley is a lecturer in Griffith University’s School of ICT (since 1999) and a former IT industry consultant for the 15 years before that. His research interests include Software Engineering, Social impact of technology, Ethics in IT, Leadership of and creativity in knowledge workers.

David is an ‘old school’ academic; he is a generalist rather than a specialist. His interests range broadly from the Classics through to the latest technology, and includes Psychology, Anthropology, Architecture, Philosophy, Comparative Religions and Creativity/Innovation. David is an experienced and engaging public speaker.

How not to agree to clean public toilets when you accept any online terms and conditions

24 Jul 2017
We readily agree despite having little idea about what we are agreeing to

Your emails are all scanned—that’s what you agreed to

19 Aug 2013
Email providers have given themselves the legal right to scan people’s email by including it in their terms of service.