G. Tracy Mehan III

G. Tracy Mehan III is a consultant in Arlington, VA, and an adjunct professor at George Mason University School of Law. He served as Assistant Administrator for Water at the US EPA in the administration of President George W. Bush.

Making America faithful again

15 Jul 2019
How faith, family, and personal sacrifice can heal the nation

Must we forfeit democracy to ‘make war’ on climate change?

7 Jun 2019
Some people actually argue for an authoritarian solution

Alienated Americans: why some places thrive while others collapse

15 May 2019
A new book points to the erosion of civil society

Nothing is settled that is not right

23 Aug 2018
A new biography of Frederick Douglass, anti-slavery constitutionalist.

Scalia on constitutional and natural law: ‘never the twain shall meet’

26 Jan 2018
This anthology of the late Justice's addresses underscores the breadth of his thinking

Antietam: America’s bloodiest day

22 Sep 2017
More than twice as many died on that September day than in the World Trade Center

What, really, is unsettling US politics?

3 Jul 2017
The same thing that is driving a looming $200 trillion national debt.

The Great Divorce between heaven and hell

13 Jan 2015
C S Lewis comes to the stage, and leads the audience into deep waters.

Does sex have a purpose?

7 Jul 2014
On the answer to this question depends the future of marriage and the family.

Washington’s bubble zone

9 Dec 2013
An extreme concentration of power and wealth in Washington inevitably leads to abuse of power and the public purse.

US education and economy are on the skids, says British historian

2 Aug 2013
Niall Ferguson's controversial analysis of America's institutions is required for anyone who cares about the future of the West.

In a natural state

3 Apr 2013
The notion that nature is unchanging and that man is a destroying intruder has captured the imagination of our contemporaries. But many ecologists now question it.

40 years after Roe v Wade, a deadly stalemate

22 Jan 2013
Despite recent state restrictions and a growth in pro-life sentiment, more than a million lives are lost to abortion each year in the US.

A portrait of the artist as a businessman

6 Nov 2012
Did shrewdness, artistry and obsession make Steve Jobs America's greatest businessman?

Leaving something to the children

22 Nov 2011
In an ageing society, the question of inheritance is complex. Cultural factors count.

The New Holy Wars

6 Sep 2011
America's leading secular religion was once economics. Has it now become environmentalism?

Torture: do ends justify means?

9 May 2009
Former Vice-President Dick Cheney says that torture saved American lives. Is that a good enough reason for authorising it?

William F. Buckley Jr: catalyst for conservatism

29 Feb 2008
His sparkling wit and trenchant analysis made him an institution in American political life. 

The cultural contradictions of capitalism

3 Aug 2006
Accounting for the fact that a culture based on self-reliance and hard work gradually turned into a culture of narcissism and mass consumption became Daniel Bell's greatest achievement. But did he have all the answers?

Swan Town

9 Jun 2006
A new children's novel about Shakespeare's daughter gives fascinating insights into Elizabethan England.