Izzy Kalman

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12 Feb 2020
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27 Nov 2018
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18 Jul 2018
The bullying lawsuit is not merely a detail of the show but its essence.

The two fatal flaws of American left politics  

14 Jun 2018
It is important to open the public’s eyes to the tangible harm of political correctness

Why is IKEA fighting bullies with a fake experiment?

22 May 2018
The giant corporation needs to promote resilience, not a failed ideology

Why fining parents for bullying will intensify hostilities

26 Mar 2018
Legislator's proposal to retrain and punish parents of bullies will backfire.

I killed my classmate, so I’m suing my school

22 Jan 2018
How bullying psychology has destroyed personal responsibility

The Oreos bullying lawsuit

31 Oct 2017
How anti-bullying laws intensify race-based hostilities in a middle school

Why are there more youth suicides if there is less bullying?

6 Sep 2017
Perhaps the conventional wisdom on bullying has to be revisited

Puzzling LA verdict on homosexuality

26 Jun 2017
Why did a sanitation worker get a multi-million dollar payout for being perceived as gay?

Learning from the Master Roaster, Don Rickles

28 Apr 2017
One of America's great comedians made a career of insulting celebrities to their faces. Was that bullying?

How bullying at school starts feuds among parents

18 Jan 2017
Adult friendships can be destroyed when kids bully each other.

Resilience coach bullied by media for promoting resilience

24 Jun 2016
The anti-bullying media are the most egregious perpetrators of bullying.

Was the Holocaust a case of bullying?

26 May 2016
Some bullying experts are catastrophizing bullying and trivializing genocide

Teaching Muslim kids to ward off playground bullies

11 May 2016
How to deal with taunting, rumours and violence

A 6-year-old punched an 8-year-old and what happened next is sheer lunacy

2 May 2016
The wrong heads will roll for the folly of anti-bully psychology

What we aren’t told about anti-bullying laws

16 Mar 2016
There is too much emphasis on statistics and not enough on substance.

They ridiculed my big ears, so I killed them?

9 Feb 2016
How to prevent tragedies motivated by ridicule of body parts.

What if your parents named you Isis?

21 Jan 2016
How should you react if you get bullied?

How President Obama can (really) achieve world peace

3 Sep 2015
There's a meme that's more dangerous than a nuke.

ISIS and the Victim Mentality

3 Jul 2015
Perpetrators of mass violence see themselves as victims.

A Palestinian Gandhi

27 Apr 2015
"Palestinian freedom must pass through Jewish hearts and minds," says non-violence activist Ali Abu Awwad.

The healing power of empathy

1 Apr 2015
What should a Texas community have done when it discovered a 13-year-old fantasising about a rampage killing?

Promoting resilience to bullying

6 Mar 2015
Goldie Hawn and a young protégé advocate a different approach.

How Israel can bring peace to the world

23 Sep 2014
"A light unto the nations" should accommodate all creeds and peoples, says a Jewish psychologist.

Why schools deny that bullying causes suicide

8 Apr 2014
They can't afford to take responsibility for their failed policies.

The fatal dogma which keeps the bullying epidemic afloat

27 Feb 2014
We need more wisdom, not fewer bullies.

Do anti-bullying programs lead to more bullying?

28 Oct 2013
A new study questions the effectiveness of campaigns to stop the scourge of bullying.

Another victim goes on a rampage

18 Sep 2013
Every horrific shooting is committed by someone who claims to have been bullied.

The myth of “normal” sibling rivalry

27 Aug 2013
How can it be healthy for brothers to fight like cats and dogs if school bullying is pathological?

How to cope with cyber-bullying

5 Apr 2013
Parents who would never allow their children to drive without lessons give them mobile phones and hope for the best. Good luck to them!

Christopher Dorner LAPD, all-American hero

14 Feb 2013
What turned an anti-bullying crusader into a murderous avenger?

Film exposes ambiguities of workplace bullying

28 Jan 2013
Why was the media so quick to jump to conclusions after a tragic suicide at the University of Virginia?

Wrong diagnosis, wrong medicine won’t cure bullying

7 Sep 2012
Why medical school anti-bullying policies are failing.

Is our obsession with bullying limiting freedom of speech?

16 Jul 2012
If every offensive remark is called bullying, we begin to surrender the right to express even legitimate opinions.

Why bullycide is on the increase

2 Mar 2012
Bullying-related suicide will not decrease as long as we glorify the victims with magazine covers and laws in their name.

What President Obama should tell us about bullying

24 Jan 2012
Even though he was bullied as a child, he survived – and thrived.

What The Wizard of Oz can teach us about bullying

30 Nov 2011
The underlying message of this iconic film is how to grow out of childhood fears

Time to question the war against bullies

21 Oct 2011
October is bullying prevention month, but is the war on bullying just making things worse?

The Norway massacre: what it reveals about a bullying programme

3 Sep 2011
Why does an anti-bullying programme work in Scandinavia and not in America?