Jane Fagan

How does a wombat celebrate Christmas?

11 Dec 2019
He keeps it simple!

Double, double toil and trouble: a gender bender for Halloween

31 Oct 2019
Picture book promotes political agenda.

An original take on a classic tale

28 Oct 2019
A humorous twist on Hans Christian Andersen's famous story.

Is emotional sensitivity a mark of virtue?

14 Aug 2019
Character does not develop automatically.

Do animals have feelings?

7 Aug 2019
Rose's dog is jealous of a cat.

Politically correct picture book risks confusing children

22 Jul 2019
Billy wishes he could fly to the Moon like the astronauts of Apollo 11.

Country grandfather learns to love city life

3 Jul 2019
Faith, love, the environment and resilience

Who says fun can’t be dirty?

26 May 2019
Harry thinks bathing is overrated.

Action and detective stories teach problem solving and logic

7 May 2019
Biggles and his Air Police face some "unusual cases".

An act of kindness: was it allowed in wartime?

22 Feb 2019
Books and reading can be a source of happiness.

Just a feisty Jewish girl in the first century AD

22 Jan 2019
Judith shares cultural roots with Mary of Nazareth.

Author of over 200 books publishes again

21 Dec 2018
A new addition to a well-loved series

Christmas and horse racing banned!

21 Sep 2018
Gypsies battle Cromwell's magistrate.

Buried treasure discovered

30 Apr 2018
A recently found manuscript of Beatrix Potter is finally published.

Dogs live like royalty

1 Mar 2018
The 12th in a series of books about famous people's dogs

Book helps parents explain terrorism to children

21 Feb 2018
Doctor tackles a tough subject.

Young student circumvents petty politics in school sports

7 Feb 2018
Why so much pressure to compete?

Unattended package causes confusion

31 Jan 2018
Eugenia Lincoln is not easily amused.

Shop under new ownership

17 Jan 2018
Coincidences and connections make a great story.

Boy’s wish to disappear comes true

6 Mar 2017
Have you ever wanted to just blend into the background?

Star of Deltora:  Book 2

6 Feb 2017
Britta struggles to complete her quest.

Fans clamor for new series

16 Jan 2017
This book is amazing on a number of levels.

Fairies take up residence in local garden

1 Jan 2017
A beautiful fantasy picture book.

Helping children understand dementia

7 Oct 2016
A picture book about memory loss and ageing

Parents of young children beware

15 Sep 2016
Author refers to this as a "young adult" picture book.

After 140 years, Tom Sawyer is still a beloved character

26 Aug 2016
No one captures the heart of a young boy like Mark Twain.

Woman saves 1,000 during WWII

4 Aug 2016
The story of Nancy Wake, war heroine

Picture book deals with difficult topic

25 Jul 2016
A book explaining death to children ages 4-8

Music has charms to soothe a savage ghost

18 Jul 2016
An engrossing thriller set in Victorian England

Award-winner underwhelms reviewer

14 Jun 2016
A mystery in Victorian England

A salt-of-the-earth book favourite entertains generations of children

8 Jun 2016
A classic adventure not to be missed!

Boy’s unusual power makes him the object of political struggle

27 May 2016
Archie's parents want to have their cake and eat it, too.

“Lest we forget”

2 May 2016
A young boy recounts the story of his teddy bear.

Australian pioneer women face great hardship

15 Mar 2016
A fascinating chapter of Australia's history.

Young girl wants to fit in with her peers

4 Jan 2016
Cleo is going to a birthday party.

Surf’s up on Christmas Day

14 Dec 2015
New lyrics for a beloved Christmas song.

Bedtime proves challenging for older siblings

23 Nov 2015
Jessie's big sister can't sleep.

Author captures the essence of the ANZAC legend

30 Oct 2015
A piece of Australian history comes alive.

Man goes to great lengths to gain his love

21 Sep 2015
Mr. Hopper is a shy, elderly man secretly in love.

Famous illustrator highlights courage of WWI soldiers

16 Sep 2015
A slice of Australian history

The book was better than the movie

15 Jul 2015
Two movie versions fail to capture Roald Dahl's story.

Feminists accuse author of mysogyny

17 Jun 2015
Roald Dahl claimed that all witches are women.

This spooky story has a more adult perspective

28 May 2015
A watered-down horror story aimed at children.

Children learn patience in large families

30 Jan 2015
Christopher learns to appreciate what others enjoy doing.

Your not-to-be-missed Christmas list of kids’ books

9 Dec 2014
Jane and Jennifer conduct the first Reading Matters Book Awards.

Beloved author continues to enchant young readers

30 Oct 2014
Imaginative characters never go out of style.

The futility of war

20 Oct 2014
The life of a young girl in Hiroshima during WWII.

Love thy neighbor -  even when it is difficult

13 Oct 2014
Unusual neighbors bring adventure to Tilda's dull town.

Crazy like a fox

6 Oct 2014
A rollicking adventure

The amazing kookaburra

22 Sep 2014
"For all the birds that I tried to save as a child."

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