Jean Seah

Jean Seah is a social media manager, disability carer, freelance writer and chief editor of the American site Ignitum Today. After growing up in Singapore, reading law in Brisbane, running off to a convent in Perth, imbibing liberal arts in Sydney and a brief sojourn in Melbourne, she is now back in sunny Queensland working in pro-life and pro-family advocacy.

‘Overcomer’: broken lives beating the odds with faith

30 Aug 2019
A powerful film which asks who we are when we have nothing

‘Unplanned’ - A sympathetic and honest look at the abortion industry

11 Jun 2019
A movie making waves in the US for its realism

Forgiving Jordan Hunt

12 Oct 2018
How a pro-life demonstration incident became troll fodder and victimised the offender.

Crazy Rich Asians: a crazy good story

10 Sep 2018
'The only thing crazier than love is family.'

Secularism and religious tolerance: Singapore vs Australia

28 Jun 2018
Or, social cohesion vs intolerance of religion.

The ‘Qipao’ kerfuffle: Cultural appreciation is not cultural appropriation

4 May 2018
True unity comes from walking in each other's shoes, not emphasizing our differences.