John Robson

The fall from grace of Canada’s woke prime minister

6 Apr 2019
Justin Trudeau is embroiled in an ethical scandal which has tarnished his feminist credentials

Trump and Russian collusion: why aren’t the media eating humble pie?

27 Mar 2019
Truth is taking a back seat to truthiness

Will AI make us less than human?

10 Jan 2019
If machines can do everything better than we can, what’s the point of it all?

Donald Trump: international man of mystery

8 Nov 2018
It’s clear from the 2018 midterms that Trump’s unique appeal has not faded

The lack of wonder of it all

31 Oct 2018
A dreary pessimism imbues Stephen Hawking's last book

Why are “ethical debates” about science so predictable?

8 Mar 2018
What we need is a moral debate on ethicism, not an ethical debate on nothing

The making of LOTR: creating marvels, missing Tolkien’s vision

5 Mar 2018
Peter Jackson’s film version robs characters of moral depth.

Memo to Australia: the right to bear arms goes back to the Magna Carta

28 Nov 2017
The threat of insurrection restrains governments

Martin Luther’s post-modern legacy: reason refuting reason

27 Oct 2017
The 16th Century theologian foreshadowed some contemporary pathologies

Modernity eats the apple

10 Jul 2017
And fools itself about the consequences for meaning and human freedom.

Trump in the balance after his first 100 days

1 May 2017
There’s far more to be encouraged about in Trump the president than there ever was in Trump the candidate.

America, prepare to take your medicine

21 Sep 2016
Never before have voters elected a crook, knowing that she was a crook

A magical classic turns 50

9 Jun 2010
To Kill a Mockingbird is 50 years old, John Robson says it has only improved with age.

Britannia, where art thou?

18 Apr 2010
Once "the dread and envy of them all" Britain appears to have given up all that was special.

State of the Union

30 Jan 2010
Obama's speech offered soaring oratory that fell flat and fizzled.

Infidelity: in spite of everything, we still care

18 Dec 2009
There is an encouraging lesson in the public reaction to the Tiger Woods scandal.

Why we remember

9 Nov 2009
Remembrance Day is not a pacifist occasion but a recollection of  our solemn contract with those who have fallen.

Race is not the issue in health care debate

29 Sep 2009
It's the plan being criticized, not the colour of the president's skin.

When art was by and for the people

20 Jun 2009
The modern left seems to think good art should exclude the masses, William Morris knew better.

What can Arnold teach us?

5 Jun 2009
School inspector and the pioneer of literary criticism Matthew Arnold would have much to say about today's coarse public debate.

Stop the presses?

11 Apr 2009
Well, we just might stop the presses. And John Robson says he won't miss The New York Times when they go.

GDP: the silly number

20 Mar 2009
It doesn't measure happiness, wealth or efficiency. The GDP really is a useless economic tool.

Grover Cleveland: A model for President Obama?

23 Jan 2009

Cleveland refused to "act" during an economic downturn and made the United States stronger in the process.

Are Hope and Change tainted before Obama is even sworn in?

20 Dec 2008
Historian John Robson says Barack Obama is hardly the first president or president-elect to brush with scandal - real or imagined.

Barack Obama, meet Mr Jackson

24 Oct 2008
The real challenge for Barack Obama no longer seems to be winning the election, but ensuring those middle Americans that will assure his win, stay onside.

Will this man heal all wounds?

24 Sep 2008
Anyone who thinks that this election has divided America as never before needs to dust off his history books.