Jon Dykstra

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Grandfather and goose face-off

18 Jul 2017
An entertaining classic

Young boy raises lion cub

28 Jun 2017
African animals charm young readers.

Why not just read the original version?

26 May 2017
A worthwhile abridged classic

The power of patience

18 May 2017
Good things are worth the wait.

Art comes to life in this picture book

26 Apr 2017
A fun and educational book for youngsters ages 5-8

Wanted: good heroines in children’s lit

16 Apr 2017
A fun romp with all sorts of inventive ingredients

C.S. Lewis in the trenches of WWI

6 Apr 2017
A story of Lewis's time on the front lines

Dogs track stolen cake

28 Mar 2017
A picture book full of puzzles and mazes

Wordless book enables preschoolers to tell their own story

16 Mar 2017
A Caldecott winner from 2011

New fantasy trilogy takes middle school readers by storm

10 Mar 2017
Rabbits with swords - an irresistible combination

Fantastic teen fiction does exist

3 Mar 2017
This is Cinderella reimagined.