Luma Simms

Luma Simms writes on culture, family, philosophy, politics, religion, and on the life and thought of immigrants. She earned a B.S. in physics from California State Polytechnic University Pomona and studied law at Chapman University School of Law before leaving to become an at-home mom. She is the author of Gospel Amnesia: Forgetting the Goodness of the News.

What ‘The Bride of Istanbul’ teaches us about the Muslim world

21 Sep 2017
Devout, peaceful Muslims need to work with reformists against the jihadist minority.

Middle Eastern Christians feel betrayed by American Christians

6 Jun 2017
An Iraqi Christian asks that for compassion for the plight of Christians in the lands where Christianity began

Immigrants, assimilation, and religion

23 Mar 2016
Many Middle Eastern immigrants reject corrupt aspects of Western culture, but not necessarily its core beliefs.