Mary Cooney

Faces of Down syndrome

20 Mar 2019
March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day, a time to recognise some under-valued people

The gift of love: a letter to teachers

17 Jan 2019
A riff on a famous first century letter.

A bright consensus about screens and kids

2 Nov 2018
We can teach our children to use screens moderately and wisely.

How Catholic parents can reform the church

25 Sep 2018
We should start by taking Humanae Vitae seriously.

Another thing George Washington, Louisa May Alcott and Robert Frost had in common

9 May 2018
They were all educated at home, as thousands of Americans are today.

Do not be afraid: the truth about Down syndrome

21 Mar 2018
Most people who want to abort babies with trisomy 21 are terribly misled.

Screwtape takes aim at homeschooling moms

25 Aug 2016
A devilish plot against 'that vile breed of women who educate their own offspring'.

Great books for great dads

16 Jun 2016
A way to shows dads and husbands how much we appreciate them.

No, Costanza Miriano is not crazy

2 Apr 2014
Submissive wives, sacrificing husbands, is a model that really works.

March for Life, 2013

27 Jan 2013
A video from Friday's march in Washington, D.C.

How to value a child

24 Nov 2012
Putting a price on the head of your potential child is applying the wrong set of values altogether.

No Biking in the House without a Helmet

21 May 2012
A rollicking account of a large and unusual family.

Raising thrifty kids

19 Jul 2011
How to turn your shopping trips into life-long lessons for your kids.

Boredom busters and brain boosters

28 Jun 2011
Ten tips on how to keep your kids happily busy during the summer holiday.

Deadbeat Dad? Doofus Dad? Where is Super Dad?

16 Jun 2011
What is wrong with the media's portrayal of fathers?

The pro-life movement is young

26 Jan 2011
They came from all over the country, some riding in buses for 20 hours or more, many spending the night in church basements, all braving the cold, frosty weather to attend the 38th March for Life in Washington D.C.

Homeschooling: a learning experience for the whole family

26 Aug 2008
It was a lot harder than I imagined, but the reasons for educating our children at home were compelling.