Nicole M. King

Nicole M. King is the Managing Editor of The Howard Center’s quarterly journal, The Family in America: A Journal of Public Policy, the United States’ leading journal of family-policy research.  In that capacity, she writes, edits, and corresponds with editors and contributors to ensure that each issue provides the most relevant and accurate research and policy analysis available. 

Nicole holds a BA in English as well as MAs in English and Political Theory. Before arriving at The Howard Center, Nicole taught political science and English courses as well as composition and literature. She is currently an adjunct instructor in writing and also frequently takes on other freelance assignments, and she has contributed to The Front Porch Republic and Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

Nicole and her husband live in the US in Rockford, Illinois. 

“Celibacy syndrome” in Japan

28 Oct 2013
Low rates of marriage and childbearing plus more people living alone means trouble for the global economy.

The fatherhood premium

21 Oct 2013
Three big factors can contribute to an ideal experience of fatherhood.

Growth in sexual violence among young people

16 Oct 2013
1 in 10 young people admit to having perpetrated sexual violence.

Divorce is bad for your health

7 Oct 2013
Divorced adults have an increased risk of early mortality compared to their married counterparts.

Are married or cohabiting couples happier?

30 Sep 2013
Married men and women enjoy better subjective well-being than do their cohabiting peers.

Do traditional gender roles mean a better relationship?

25 Sep 2013
Couples who maintain traditional gender roles seem to have more fulfilling sexual relationships.

A marriage for life keeps the doctor away

18 Sep 2013
Turns out that lifelong marriage delays the onset of disease.

Dangerous daycare?

9 Sep 2013
Children in daycare are more susceptible to contracting infection.

Sex on the first date is a bad idea

5 Sep 2013
The earlier the sex, the lower the relationship satisfaction.

More siblings means less divorce risk

17 Aug 2013
Two or more siblings mean you're more likely to marry and stay married.

Breastfeeding reaps cardiac benefits for mums

12 Aug 2013
Breastfeeding is beneficial for mums as well as their babies.

Research brief: the ADHD epidemic

3 Aug 2013
The FDA has just approved a new device that could make it easier to diagnose ADHD.

Research brief: parental notification for abortion

31 Jul 2013
If doctors are required to tell a girl's parents if she seeks an abortion, are there more suicides?

Disillusioned in the Ivy League

16 Jul 2013
The book’s excesses might best be chalked up to a righteous indignation at Yale's abandonment of moral purpose.

IVF: a dangerous deviation from nature?

16 Jul 2013
Regardless of motives, women resorting to IVF may be running unrecognized cancer risks.

The No-Frills’ IVF for just $250

15 Jul 2013
A new development in IVF technology may make it affordable for infertile couples worldwide. What about the consequences for women's health?

Feminism through the life cycle

5 Jul 2013
Women bought into a mystique that left them even more alone and conflicted in their pursuit of fulfilment.

Breastfeeding and feminist frustration

1 Jul 2013
Breast-feeding shouldn't be criticised for keeping women from "full participation in public life", as feminist academics contend.

Breastfed babies achieve higher social status

28 Jun 2013
We have long known that breastfeeding carries health benefits for both mother and baby, but a new study reveals that it may also increase a child’s chance of moving up the social ladder.

Early sex leads to poorer relationship quality

27 Jun 2013
The popular media depicts couples entering into sexual relationships very early on in the dating process, but is such behavior really typical? And how does it affect relationship quality?

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