Philippa Taylor

Philippa Taylor is head of public policy for the Christian Medical Fellowship in the UK.

Defending freedom of conscience on emergency contraception

19 Aug 2019
Pharmacists are under pressure to co-operate in contraception and abortion

Will a robot look after you one day?

25 Jul 2019
It may be hard to find a human willing to do it

What happens when a rat has a drug-induced abortion

8 Jul 2019
A study shows how little is known about the effects of medical abortion

Marie Stopes: the air-brushed heroine of birth control

17 May 2019
Her legacy of eugenic abortion

‘Abortion does not cause mental illness’. Discuss

15 Mar 2019
Why don’t people ask whether abortion improves mental health?

Why the Royal College of Physicians may go ‘neutral’ on assisted suicide and why that matters

21 Jan 2019
Undemocratic efforts to neutralise doctors' moral responsibility.

Is there an ‘unmet need’ for contraception and abortion in Africa?

15 Oct 2018
Some Africans say that family planning programs are a new form of colonialism

A 40th birthday for IVF

25 Jul 2018
Millions of babies have come into the world through IVF. But is the net effect positive?

Nothing to celebrate: 50 years of abortion in Britain

30 Oct 2017
An incredible 9 million lives have been lost.

Botching abortions in Britain, taking their ‘services’ to the world

29 Aug 2017
Marie Stopes International had 373 abortion failures in one month in the UK, a recent review found.

Ideology or evidence? The battle over presumed consent to organ donation

10 Aug 2017
Evidence that 'opt-out' laws produce more donors is lacking.

Powerful commercial interests are backing prenatal genetic screening

13 Jun 2017
How much will parents pay for the perfect baby or a baby of the right sex?

If we trust women, we should listen to them

25 May 2017
Women are more sensitive to the reality of abortion.

Exposing the dark side of egg donation

9 May 2017
Does the health and well being of women count for nothing? Where are the feminists standing up for them? Where are the regulators?

Do sex education programs work? No, says major new study

22 Nov 2016
Reviews of world-wide research show that it does not reduce teen pregnancy rates or STI rates.

Hubris and hype in stem cell research

23 Sep 2016
The recent news about 'motherless babies' was gobbled up by gullible media

Good news on three-parent embryos … or maybe not

13 Jun 2016
It appears that recent research from the UK has been over-hyped.

Ethical objections to embryo research can trigger genuine progress

30 May 2016
It now appears that the 'vital' 3-parent embryo technique may be harmful.

Why are British midwives being forced to assist with abortions?

19 May 2016
Ask the head of the country's leading abortion provider.

Let’s listen to the real experts about Down syndrome

3 May 2016
"Down syndrome isn’t a disease, it’s a type of person."

“People have to start thinking out eugenics in a different way”

7 Apr 2016
Why is a high profile, massively funded, European 'superlab' named after Francis Crick?

Designing our descendants: Brave New Britain takes the lead again

27 Jan 2016
British scientists want to alter the human germline with the new CRISPR technology.

The fragile case for new brittle bone treatment

22 Oct 2015
Human beings should never be means to an end.

Softening the public for GM babies

25 Sep 2015
UK scientists are keen to take the next step in manipulating embryos.

New evidence suggests a link between abortion and breast cancer

29 May 2015
A casual reference in an interview lends weight to the ABC theory.

In ‘Modern Families’ mother and father are no longer necessary

14 Apr 2015
A new British book challenges conventional notions of family structure.

Unborn babies are “organisms” says a British court

8 Dec 2014
A girl suffering fetal alcohol syndrome is refused compensation to help with her care.

The UK’s absurd “wrongful births”

11 Nov 2014
The government is shelling out millions to pay for "failed contraception" and "failed sterilizations".

Whose baby is it?

15 Aug 2014
Italian judges will need the wisdom of Solomon to sort out the latest tragic IVF mix-up.

Should birth certificates lie?

28 Jul 2014
Too many children are denied the right to know who their genetic parents are.

Why are men more in favour of abortion?

10 Jun 2014
Polls show that men are more liberal on abortion limits than women.

The legal maze of twins with three mothers

15 Apr 2014
What happens to the children when a lesbian couple breaks up?

Engineering our way to a eugenic future

12 Apr 2013
The UK fertility regulator has proposed a "minor" procedure with momentous consequences which is legal nowhere else in the world.