Robert Hutchinson

Robert Hutchinson, a veteran travel writer, studied philosophy as an undergraduate, moved to Israel to study Hebrew, and earned an MA in Biblical studies. He writes frequently on the intersection of religion and popular culture.

‘Unplanned’ shows side of the abortion debate few audiences get to see

8 Apr 2019
It won’t win any Oscars, but it has a solid message

Sperm donor sues to force surrogate mother to abort one of her triplets

7 Jan 2016
The sordid realities and ethical nightmares of surrogacy are coming to light.

Are these horrific mass killings really happening ‘daily’?

7 Dec 2015
Before panicking, look at the facts.

The truth behind Obamacare’s phony 8 million signups

28 Apr 2014
Obama's "affordable care" is horrendously expensive for what you get.

Obamacare: a poor deal for my family

2 Oct 2013
One middleclass family crunches the numbers and finds Obamacare costs more and offers less.

For the richer, not the poorer

1 Oct 2013
They might spout liberal sentiments but it's the affluent who are reaping the benefits of marriage.

You Fooled Us Once with Iraq…

6 Sep 2013
Can the looming participation of the US in Syria's vicious fighting be regarded as a "just war"?

In the birthplace of revolution, a French Spring

19 Jul 2013
The establishment has been rattled by the vigour and intelligence of opposition to the new law on same-sex marriage.

Is America’s lawyer president lying to the world?

4 Jul 2013
Can we trust what the President is telling the public about the extent of NSA surveillance?

Why we should be sceptical of media “fact checkers”

3 Sep 2012
"Lies", "brazen lies", "factually challenged", "misleading", dishonest"... says who?