Susan Broomhall

Susan Broomhall is a historian of early modern Europe with over twenty published books on gender, emotions, science and technologies, knowledge practices, material culture, cultural contact and the heritage of the early modern world. She is one of the leaders, with Ivan Marusic and Joy Damousi, of the interdisciplinary research program, The Turbulence Project, in which she researches the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

She is a Series Editor of “Gender and Power in the Premodern World”, published by ARC Humanities Press, and is currently writing “Gender and the Dutch East India Company” for Amsterdam University Press, and “Gender and Agency in Jesuit circulations across East Asia, 1580-1650” for ARC Humanities Press.

How Leonardo da Vinci made a living from killing machines

3 Apr 2019
The 15th Century genius turned his hand to engineering as well as painting