Susan Reibel Moore

The Post: rivetting and authentic

24 Jan 2018
A brilliant film about freedom of the press

Fairy tale treasures from Scotland

6 Nov 2017
An introduction to the folklore surrounding selkies

Two brilliant picture books

20 Oct 2017
Sophie Masson is one of Australia's gifted authors.

The magical appeal of Harry Potter

23 Jun 2017
Twenty years ago youngsters were hooked. Why?

Children’s books nobody can afford to miss

13 Jun 2017
After their mother abandons them, four children journey on foot to their grandmother's home.

A tribute to A.A. Milne

26 Oct 2016
Pooh at 90 still enthralls!

The adventures of the next Harry Potter generation

3 Aug 2016
A play in two parts by Jack Thorne, drawing on a story by J.K. Rowling

Growing Up:  Alexander McCall Smith’s Bertie Pollock

8 Jun 2016
The 44 Scotland Street series

Growing Up: the Langton Quartet

25 May 2016
A growing up saga with powerful familial influences.

Growing Up: being Southern Black in the 1930’s

27 Apr 2016
9-year-old Cassie Logan is one of literature's most endearing heroines.

Growing Up: Tevye and the Jews

18 Apr 2016
The best reason to marry someone is love.

Growing Up: Little Women

13 Apr 2016
The first in a series of articles about coming of age books.

Alice in Wonderland at 150: still a literary wonder

28 Aug 2015
A children's literature specialist pays homage to Lewis Carroll.

Rediscovering a great 19th century novelist

9 Oct 2014
How many of us would know the novels of Anthony Trollope if it weren’t for the BBC?

Complementary beings

17 Jan 2012
A focus on equal rights in the same-sex marriage debate has obscured the obvious fact that men and women have complementary natures.

The Abbess of Andalusia

3 May 2011
Flannery O’Connor comes across in this biography as earthy and imperfect: funny, shrewd, serene, and devotional.

Tweedledee and Tweedledumber

1 Jan 2008
An expert in children's literature takes a close look at Philip Pullman's novel series, His Dark Materials, the source for the film The Golden Compass.

Move over, Dickens, JKR wants your seat

3 Aug 2007
The seven volumes of Harry Potter are a triumphant achievement of literary genius.

A disturbing book craze

5 Feb 2007
Great children's writers don't appeal to the lowest, most suspicious impulses in their readers. Lemony Snicket's creator does.

The seven deadly sins become fashionable

5 Jan 2007
MercatorNet's second look at the bizarre work ethic in one of last year's best films.

Intense, creative and wise: the fiction of Katherine Paterson

5 May 2006
American author Katherine Paterson has been honoured with Sweden's highest literary award for children's books. She deserves it.

Riches from Botswana

9 Sep 2005
The surprising success of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels is due to their simple, invigorating affirmation that life has beauty and meaning.

Harry Potter, Hogwarts and all

15 Jul 2005
Millions of muggles all over the world devoured the sixth volume of Harry Potter this weekend. An expert in children's literature discusses whether the series helps or harms children.