Thomas Lickona

Why good books are better when you talk about them

4 May 2019
A virtues project from Narnia

Battling pornography: strategies for home and classroom

7 Feb 2017
The good news is that media literacy and character development can protect kids.

Why I will keep fighting the culture war about sexuality

19 Aug 2015
A psychologist and educator responds to David Brooks' plea to quit.

Lost in Transition III: A collective challenge

9 Feb 2012
Who is to blame for the moral ignorance of young adults, and what is to be done?

Lost in Transition II: An accurate picture of youth?

2 Feb 2012
We cannot stake too much on one study of young adult moral attitudes.

Lost In Transition: I

26 Jan 2012
What's the matter with today's emerging adults?

The myth of the ‘teenage brain’

17 Dec 2007
Is it true that your offspring will not be capable of a mature decision until he or she is 25?

Character-based sex education

7 Dec 2007
Because we need good character to guide our sexual lives, sexuality education must be character education.