Veronika Winkels

Happy Christmas…I mean, Holiday Season!

11 Dec 2019
No one wants a history lesson.

Abortion a woman’s choice? It wasn’t for Judy Garland

10 Oct 2019
Coercion has a long history, and is even more likely under new laws

‘There’s a lot more to parenting than just seeing your child happy’

28 Aug 2019
Transgender doctors are tearing families apart

Who’s afraid of free speech?

12 Aug 2019
Not this retired Aussie politician and conversation starter

Why I teach my children to pray

21 Mar 2019
Because I believe there's a God who listens

 Books for the social media age IV: Dostoevsky’s The Idiot

3 Jul 2018
In an era of 'liking' and 'swiping' we need some genuine misfits.

The war against women talking to women outside abortion clinics

31 May 2018
An Australian sidewalk counselor gets a grilling on air.

Why horror films have no place in our home

14 May 2018
Violence and terror unrelieved by goodness and heroism scars the psyche.

Confessions of a Millennial mum with a smartphone habit

29 Sep 2017
What are we teaching children when they see us constantly with our phones?

Alternative truths: a wife’s view of a gay coming out

15 Sep 2017
When a father of six leaves his family it is called courage. What does his abandoned spouse think?

My marriage and modernity

22 Mar 2013
As a twenty-year old arts student with one year left of my degree, I admit it must have been natural for some people to respond to my engagement last year with less-than-enthusiastic sentiments.