Vincenzina Santoro

Vincenzina Santoro is an international economist. She represents the
American Family Association of New York at the United Nations.

Blessed are the peacemakers

7 Jan 2020
An Italian non-profit is training young people from all over the globe to work for peace

Let the dead lie in peace? Not in Spain

4 Nov 2019
Re-interring Franco is a sign of a changing political climate

Marshall Harris and Colonel Müller: A determined destroyer and an improbable savior

15 Aug 2019
Contrasting characters from the theatre of war

New York governor lights up the town for abortion

24 Jan 2019
Democratic legislative sweep makes the state the abortion capital of the world

Let’s create a right!

6 Dec 2018
December 10 marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

Family planning heads for the big time in Rwanda!

6 Nov 2018
A biennial shindig features a who’s who of world birth control

Portugal votes down legalization of euthanasia – for now

30 May 2018
A narrow win, but a win nonetheless

Corruption in Africa can be overcome

28 Feb 2018
The Ibrahim Prize points the way

The latest target of the hate police is Christopher Columbus

4 Sep 2017
A New York politician wants to remove his statue because he promoted slavery

Women do have power in the world of work, UN please note

13 Mar 2017
Many women have advanced beyond 'equality' in their professions.

Working in strange lands, relieving poverty at home

25 Jan 2017
Migrant workers contribute more to home economies than foreign aid.

The Four Freedoms, 75 years later!

7 Jan 2016
FDR's stirring words have lost none of their relevance.

How Warren Buffett’s philanthropy secretly funded contraception

11 Nov 2015
The billionaire has funded cheap, effective and safe IUDs.

Carly Fiorina surpasses gender equality

18 Sep 2015
The September 16 Republican candidates’ debate featured an exceptional woman.

On show at Milan Expo: sustenance and sustainability

24 Jul 2015
EXPO 2015 rises to the challenge of feeding the world's people.

Michele Ferrero: The legacy of a sweet legend

28 Feb 2015
The late confectionery entrepreneur was the model of corporate social responsibility

Downing tools

26 Nov 2013
Doctors who are willing to do abortions are becoming scarcer and scarcer in Italy.

Modern martyrs in the Syrian heartland of early Christianity

19 Sep 2013
History repeats itself as invaders give a choice of conversion or death.

American generosity, second to none

19 Aug 2013
September 5 marks the first International Day of Charity. Which country gives the most?

Sadly, the International Day of Happiness is over

25 Mar 2013
The United Nations is considering an international happiness index to replace Gross Domestic Product as a measure of successful nations. Good luck!

Constantine and the birth of religious tolerance

11 Mar 2013
It is exactly 1700 years since the Emperor Constantine gave official recognition to Christianity.

Working abroad, supporting the family at home

22 Feb 2013
Emigrants’ remittances are at the core of poverty alleviation in many developing countries.

Job creation, Italian style

17 Oct 2012
Even in his last days, Angelo Corigliano took his social responsibilities seriously.

Italy’s conscientious doctors

3 Oct 2012
Up to 85 percent of gynecologists in some regions refuse to perform abortions.

A taste for (a healthy, happy long) life: an Italian Family!

5 Sep 2012
Meet Italian siblings who, collectively, are aged 846 years old.

Why the UN should oppose the death penalty for everyone

17 Jul 2012
United Nations bureaucrats are passionate about “the right to life” – but only for criminals. How about people who are completely innocent?

Let’s make the UN Secretary-General keep his word

27 Jan 2012
The United Nations must be the "defender of the defenceless", says Ban Ki-moon. Why not begin with the unborn?

“Tax me please, I’m rich!”

18 Jan 2012
If they are so keen, why don’t they just give it to the government anyway?

What the Wall Street protesters missed

14 Nov 2011
Those fat cat capitalists have moved on, leaving the skyscrapers to non-profits.

Seven billion and counting

28 Sep 2011
Persons coming to the United Nations in the next few weeks will see a large sign attached to the fence near the visitors’ entrance that reads in a bold heading: “7 BILLION” against a background of small photos of people from all over the globe.

UN spurns family values in fight against AIDS

14 Jul 2011
Thirty years have passed since AIDS was first identified. Why can't the United Nations stop spouting cliches and get to the heart of the problem?

Europe for Families, Families for Europe

19 Apr 2011
The most recent figures show an uptick in European birth rates. Is this a sign of renewed vitality in the Old World?

Why can’t the UN be consistent?

4 Apr 2011
If the world is moving towards abolition of the death penalty, why not abolition of abortion?

The age of ageing

28 Feb 2011
The proportion and sheer numbers of the elderly are unprecedented in the history of humanity.

Gender: the parent claptrap

16 Jan 2011
The US State Department does an about-face on mothers and fathers.

People are the wealth of nations

11 Nov 2010
But women are yet to be valued properly, even by the UN.

Promoting compulsory sexual education at the UN

29 Oct 2010
A recent report to the United Nations sought to impose a 'right to sexual education'

A nation turns away from abortion

13 Sep 2010
It's not true that abortion statistics are irreversible. Italy proves it. 

Let’s hear It for Estonia and Iceland

17 Aug 2010
Two small European countries which have battled their way out of economic holes are setting an example for the US and the rest of Europe. 

Population and philanthropy

14 Jun 2010
The 2010 United Nations Population Award goes to Bill and Melinda Gates.

From family to families at the UN

27 May 2010
The United Nations loves families. It just can't decide which model it likes best.

Debts and deficits: Help for whom?

7 Apr 2010
But which country is not indebted? And which countries are the most indebted?

Debts and deficits: Help for whom?

7 Apr 2010
But which country is not indebted? And which countries are the most indebted? While Greece and Italy have been raked over the coals for having accumulated indebtedness that exceeds their economic output, they are not alone.

Bye-bye Baby Boomers

29 Mar 2010
Persons born during the 1946-1964 time span became known as the “baby boomers” as postwar family formation returned to normal after the economic depression of the 30s and the belligerencies of the early 40s. This year the first of the baby boomers turn 64 and the last of them turn 46. The demographic consequences of this phenomenon are significant. The older boomers are finishing up their careers, commencing retirement and experiencing the joys of becoming grandparents. The younger boomers are mostly married, at the peak of their careers, spending dearly for their children’s higher education, and the mothers have bid farewell to the possibility of more children.

In the “empowering women” engine room

23 Mar 2010

Each year the Commission on the Status of Women attracts women (mostly) from all over the globe to the United Nations for a two-week jam session that includes statements made by government officials and cabinet ministers dealing with women’s issues; side events sponsored by governments, UN agencies and the more activist non-governmental organizations accredited to the UN; and long, drawn out deliberations on resolutions presented by delegations. First and foremost is the theme of empowering women.

Female mortality matters

4 Mar 2010
New data from the UN tells us that if infants make it beyond the first year of life, their chance of survival to age five becomes even more difficult: the mortality rates for those under five are generally higher - but only in certain countries.

Positive signs from the UN

23 Feb 2010
As part of the annual meetings of the Commission on Social Development at the United Nations recently, The Republic of Korea sponsored a “side event” entitled: “Low Fertility and Aging Society in East Asia.” The presenters were a research director from the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, the Ambassador of Population issues of the Republic of Korea and a Korean Senior Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu. A few officials from the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs were also present – and we engaged in a wonderful conversation afterwards.

A geek with cheek

9 Feb 2010
What right has Bill Gates to dress down Italy and its prime minister?

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