W. Bradford Wilcox

Marriage makes men better: the economic benefits of settling down

9 Sep 2016
Public policy can't afford to ignore the real benefits of marriage.

Around the globe, less marriage = more single parents

9 Oct 2015
More marriage, the more kids living with two parents.

The help low income families need

18 Feb 2015
Economic measures are important, but so are national efforts to reverse marriage decline.

A dividend Wall Street cannot deliver

12 Oct 2011
The wealth of nations depends in no small part on the health of the family.

When marriage disappears

7 Dec 2010
When the social heartland retreats from marriage, what future is there for any commitment?

Who shall find a happy wife?

24 Aug 2010
Research on the happiness of married women shows that the traditional model still has a lot going for it.

The new divorce divide

17 Sep 2009
There is good news and bad news on the marriage front in America, and the poor are having the worst of it.

More Government; Less God

15 Mar 2009
If Obama succeeds in passing his ambitious agenda, the United States may head down the secular path already trod by Europe.

Faithful husbands and fathers

3 Jul 2008
Churchgoing men are not a hangover of the old patriarchy but a new breed who are closely connected to their families.