Zac Alstin

Zac Alstin is a writer, editor and stay-at-home dad to two marvellous children, in Adelaide, South Australia.

His hobbies include martial arts, making things at home, and contemplating the underlying nature of reality itself.

Being by turns contrarian and irenic, Zac has spent far too much time, or maybe not enough, both looking for answers and progressively discarding them.

Zac is Associate Editor of MercatorNet. He also blogs at

Climate children: encouraging idealism without fear and anger

18 Jun 2019
Can we indoctrinate hopefulness?

Criminalising cowardice: the ethics of school shootings

13 Jun 2019
Do officers have a duty to save students?

The sacking of Israel Folau: can you see the good in it?

22 May 2019
Pessimism is bad for faith.

Is ‘Avengers’ America’s Iliad?

15 May 2019
Marvel resurrects the epic genre.

Aren’t we all a bunch of snowflakes?

9 May 2019
Politics in the age of authenticity.

Happy International Day, Batman!

2 May 2019
Or should I wish you a Dark and Brooding one instead?

Will comparative religion save the world?

4 Apr 2019
Relearning religion in a secular humanist age.

Empty your cup

26 Mar 2019
A surprising side-effect of cleaning house.

Thus spake Jordan Peterson

26 Feb 2019
Wherefore the global stardom of an obscure Canadian professor?

Can we spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing?

6 Sep 2018
The Four Temperaments theory is a useful key to identifying scoundrels.

Books for the social media age II: An unlikely choice from the Beat Generation

22 Jun 2018
A tip on detoxing from Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums.

Why you should watch Cobra Kai instead of The Last Jedi

9 May 2018
How not to enrage your fan-base.

Sackcloth and ashes on Valentine’s Day

13 Feb 2018
When secular and religious observances collide.

Cosmic Christmas symbolism in the sweltering Southern Hemisphere

8 Dec 2017
The poetry of religious meaning.

Same-sex marriage and the service-provider state

1 Dec 2017
Autonomy and authenticity are trending.

God writes straight with crooked lines

17 Nov 2017
Divine providence and same-sex marriage.

American mass shootings: are more guns the answer?

10 Nov 2017
An Aussie perspective on the Second Amendment.

Is Mark Zuckerberg the biggest dictator in the world?

1 Nov 2017
Trump, Russians, and the fallacy of ‘free’.

Halloween and other nightmares

30 Oct 2017
What could be more authentically Australian?

Are we too tolerant of sexual assault?

13 Oct 2017
‘Rape culture’, prudence, and double-standards.

Addiction and pornography: rediscovering virtue in the internet age

28 Sep 2017
Questioning the nature and sources of happiness in our lives.

How much should we hate our enemies?

14 Aug 2017
If the light in you is darkness...

Love and doubt: the central truth of existence

11 Jul 2017
The fall of man in everyday life.

Vale Dr John Sarno: ‘America’s best doctor’

4 Jul 2017
Pioneering a psychogenic approach to pain.

Want answers? Learn to ask the right questions

26 Jun 2017
Applied philosophy for everyday life.

Why is losing weight so difficult?

23 May 2017
A philosopher thinks himself thin.

Sick of fake news? How about a junk-knowledge diet!

20 Mar 2017
Whip yourself back into reason-able shape!

Are fantasy stories worth telling?

28 Feb 2017
The spiritual significance of fantasy themes.

Everyday heroes: the real-world meaning of our most popular stories

12 Jan 2017
Even Marvel teaches us about vice and virtue.

Drain the swamp: Trump and the mandate of heaven

11 Nov 2016
Regime-change in the USA.

How we vote: the difference temperament makes

2 Nov 2016
Why do we find it so hard to understand our friends' choices?

Democracy and providence: does political participation trump religious faith?

10 Oct 2016
Holding your nose might not be enough.

The ancient Greeks knew what makes Donald Trump tick

27 Jul 2016
Introducing the perfectly choleric man

Homophobia, masculinity, and violent young men

21 Jul 2016
Are anti-gay hate crimes motivated by hate?

The new normal of Aussie politics

14 Jul 2016
Can you spot the pattern?

Racism and homophobia

5 Jul 2016
Why we can't agree on anything.

Not your grandfather’s transgenderism

29 Jun 2016
Why some LBGs want to ‘Drop the T’.

Who owns the horror?

14 Jun 2016
49 innocent people have died. Why is the tragedy dividing the nation instead of uniting it?

Why are humans more important than animals?

10 Jun 2016
The value we bestow on other life forms is fundamentally a human trait.

T comes right after LGB

8 Jun 2016
It's a very small step from same-sex marriage to transgender.

Paypal’s gay picnic threat: a symbolic masterpiece in disguise

26 May 2016
The online giant reveals surprising artistic depths.

Discerning the Donald

8 Mar 2016
Is Trump a triumph or a blow-hard?

We are all rich men now

10 Nov 2015
Is love of money really the root of all evil?

A new identity will not make you happy

29 Oct 2015
Transgenderism, transableism: just the latest trends in a flawed search for fulfillment.

Cynical and amoral: the dark side of the mindfulness fad

13 Oct 2015
Critiquing the mindlessness of the mainstream meditation movement.

The burden of free speech

6 Oct 2015
Can we sustain this “terrible magnanimity and patience”?

The limitations of a lustful life

24 Sep 2015
Putting sexual morality in context.

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