Barend Vlaardingerbroek

The uneasy relationship between Darwinian evolution, abiogenesis and atheism

2 May 2019
By inserting abiogenesis into evolutionary theory, proponents of atheism – particularly Ernst Haeckel – unseated the deist underpinnings of classical Darwinism.

The global human rights education project: a Trojan horse

31 Aug 2015
An indoctrination and recruitment front for promoting same-sex relationships.

Gender beyond the binary: implications for marriage

30 May 2014
The legal recognition of new gender identities will further distance marriage from the natural family unit.

Disparate bedfellows: same-sex marriage and human rights

17 Apr 2014
The claim that same-sex marriage is a basic human right finds no support in international human rights declarations.

Marriage rites: what’s blood got to do with it?

18 Nov 2013
The marriage equality slippery slope logically ends in legalised incest.