Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is a New Zealand journalist with a special interest in family issues. She began her working life as a secondary school teacher but always fancied the life of the scribe. Too late, she realised that the latter is even more work than teaching Shakespeare to 15-year-olds and the pay is generally less. Being a reluctant geek, she has never quite got over the surprise of finding herself the deputy editor of an online magazine—a pleasant sensation for the most part.

She once wrote a book—the history of New Zealand’s own anti-porn movement in its heyday—for which she got mixed reviews and no awards. She lives in the country’s largest city, Auckland, which is three hours by plane from Sydney—the hub of MercatorNet—and too far for comfort from anywhere else of importance. Still, it is a very nice vantage point from which to meddle in the affairs of the world.

Dear Democrats, Is abortion really so complicated?

17 Jun 2019
The New York Times finds some of the liberal left conflicted

Pinoy and pro-life: New Zealand Parliament’s newest member

7 Jun 2019
A Filipino-Kiwi lawyer creates a first

A Nordic paradox: higher gender equality, more partner violence

28 May 2019
Why are women much more at risk in Sweden than Spain?

A reading of the bans

17 May 2019
New York may outlaw fur sales. Alabama has banned abortion. One of these matters much more

Cellphone ban coincides with high achievement in a Maori girls school

10 May 2019
Wealth and colour don't necessarily decide who tops the league tables

De-platforming, Twitter mobs and character assassination: are we fed up yet?

6 May 2019
Two (more) public intellectuals feel the heat – and support

After a mammoth public consultation, NZ euthanasia bill hangs in the balance

12 Apr 2019
90 percent of public submissions were opposed to killing

Crusaders no more?

10 Apr 2019
A New Zealand rugby team grapples with its brand

Did Darwin get it wrong?

1 Apr 2019
The ‘father of evolution’ as a Victorian gentleman and apologist for his class

‘I don’t want assisted suicide ads to make me feel unworthy of care’

28 Mar 2019
A young, terminally ill New Zealand woman speaks out.

Peace Prize for Jacinda?

25 Mar 2019
Making peace with Muslims cannot excuse a moral blind spot

New Zealand goes to prayer

22 Mar 2019
A ‘call to reflect’ with Muslims puts faith in the public square

The Christchurch mosque killer and his worldview

18 Mar 2019
We need to go deeper than 'racism' and 'religious bigotry' to prevent these crimes

‘Leaving Neverland’ and the new sexual morality

15 Mar 2019
What does the unmasking of Michael Jackson actually change?

#DefendNZ: rallying Kiwis against euthanasia

11 Mar 2019
A new movement targets a bill being honed to maximise support

Victory for Jack Phillips as evidence of govt hostility emerges

6 Mar 2019
Colorado Civil Rights Commission finally abandons its harassment of a cake artist

Keeping Kiwis in the dark about the trans agenda

4 Mar 2019
The last thing government really wants is a public debate

Retraction: why you can’t believe all ‘the science’ on abortion

22 Feb 2019
Attacking research with unwelcome findings backfires on an author

Gay sperm donor dad or lesbian partner, who is the legal parent?

19 Feb 2019
When family diversity goes to court it’s too late to think of the children

Yearbook shaming is unjust and a moral red herring

15 Feb 2019
It’s a man’s behaviour today that should concern us.

Asia Bibi: Pakistan Supreme Court rejects bid to overturn her acquittal

30 Jan 2019
Judge is grieved at ‘the image of Islam we are showing to the world’

It might be fashion, but it’s just not tennis

25 Jan 2019
The editor of Vogue hits a ball out of court.

Towards a sexual counter-revolution

31 Dec 2018
Review of a film that all millenials should see.

Pence rules on Wall Street, OK?

12 Dec 2018
Some women object, but it's one answer to #MeToo.

‘Comparative religion is the true multiculturalism’

7 Dec 2018
Camille Paglia on the dearth of meaning in youthful lives and how to remedy it.

Sexual Revolution; 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae

4 Dec 2018
You've read the articles, now see the film.

Is it time a Mother Christmas graced the annual parade?

29 Nov 2018
Gender politics may be the kiss of death for a long-standing family event.

It’s not a ‘war on drugs’, but a defence of our brains

26 Nov 2018
Evidence from New Zealand that marijuana is harming kids

A transit of common sense

23 Nov 2018
Questions about gender transitioning are at last being heard

18 years after asking for ‘the pills’ a woman is glad to be alive

20 Nov 2018
An oncologist took the trouble to talk to her.

Thanks for nothing, birth control 

16 Nov 2018
No wonder there's a 'sex recession'.

‘Generation Sensible’: the British millennials going teetotal

25 Oct 2018
Abstinence is possible, and even enjoyable.

Is gender equality a self-defeating goal?

24 Oct 2018
In the most equal societies, men and women have different preferences.

The Seven Deadly Sins make a comeback

3 Oct 2018
The Kavanaugh inquisition suggests The Ten Commandments could be next.

After Brett Kavanaugh, what will they teach teenagers?

28 Sep 2018
Nothing short of an education in virtue will do.

A ‘non-binary’ British dad stars among top female executives

25 Sep 2018
All aboard the trans diversity express.

All well and good? Why wellness is not the new religion

21 Sep 2018
Self-care cannot save us, any more than government wellbeing budgets can.

Harvey Weinstein, women and responsibility

14 Sep 2018
What options did a businesswoman have when he asked, 'May we flirt?'

Chronic State: the impact of legalising marijuana in Colorado

7 Sep 2018
A beautiful state, going to pot. (Video)

Who is on your side in the fight against prostitution?

30 Aug 2018
Feminists are divided over legalisation

Why are we moved by the orca mother’s grief?

8 Aug 2018
Today’s culture belies our sentiments.

Oksana Shachko: the tragic end of a young iconoclast

30 Jul 2018
The co-founder of the Femen protest group lacked a positive vision of life.

Maria Yudina - the woman who killed Stalin?

25 Jul 2018
The opening scene of a recent movie spotlights a daring artist and religious figure.

Bringing virtues into play: a new angle on gaming behaviour

29 Jun 2018
Researchers enter the young players's world and find video games are not a waste of time.

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