Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is a New Zealand journalist with a special interest in family issues. She began her working life as a secondary school teacher but always fancied the life of the scribe. Too late, she realised that the latter is even more work than teaching Shakespeare to 15-year-olds and the pay is generally less. Being a reluctant geek, she has never quite got over the surprise of finding herself the deputy editor of an online magazine—a pleasant sensation for the most part.

She once wrote a book—the history of New Zealand’s own anti-porn movement in its heyday—for which she got mixed reviews and no awards. She lives in the country’s largest city, Auckland, which is three hours by plane from Sydney—the hub of MercatorNet—and too far for comfort from anywhere else of importance. Still, it is a very nice vantage point from which to meddle in the affairs of the world.

Transgressions: UK feminists are riled by a political trend

23 May 2018
When is an all-women party list not? When trans women can freely enter it.

Prince Harry weds Meghan: the Prayer Book did them proud

21 May 2018
The newlyweds were given a lot to chew on besides diversity and inclusiveness.

Time to log off - a digital diet

7 May 2018
A weekend fasting from personal devices.

Marie Stopes: From ‘Married Love’ to unmarried sex

4 May 2018
Would the woman behind the birth control brand be happy with her eugenic project today?

The gospel truth about Mary Magdalene?

26 Mar 2018
A new movie makes this 'apostle of apostles’ a feminist icon.

Making porn respectable

15 Mar 2018
While censorship is still on the political agenda, porn is being analysed in class.

Jane Austen and the power of the marriage plot

9 Mar 2018
Why her heroines would not be saying 'Me too'.

The gender-equality paradox: why don’t women choose STEM careers?

23 Feb 2018
The more they are equal with men, the less they choose the same.

Isn’t father loss part of Nikolas Cruz’s story?

19 Feb 2018
And can schools do more to compensate, perhaps preventing violence?.

Yale students flock to Happiness 101

5 Feb 2018
But the good life needs more support than peer pressure.

India’s Bollywood brouhaha: have they forgotten Gandhi’s example?

29 Jan 2018
On the 70th anniversary of the Mahatma’s violent death, some reminders.

Black frocks won’t empower women, marriage will

10 Jan 2018
Only by demanding commitment can women gain control of sex.

‘A holiday in Siberia’: a Polish survivor’s story

15 Dec 2017
Whole families were among Poles deported to Soviet concentration camps in 1940 and 1941.

Pope Francis in Myanmar: the missing word

29 Nov 2017
He did not say ‘Rohingya’. Should he have?

Why the Mike Pence dining maxim is a rule for realists

24 Nov 2017
And why the people dismissing it are deluded.

After Weinstein we need a culture change - but what sort, exactly?

17 Nov 2017
So far we are hearing about rules. Some aspects of 1970s culture are taboo.

Comrade Don Camillo: a light-hearted quarrel with Communism

24 Oct 2017
Can the worst of friends still become the best of enemies?

Prospects for family values dim in a left-led New Zealand

20 Oct 2017
Jacinda Ardern will build houses, but will that save the family?

The Russian Revolution in film

16 Oct 2017
Three epics about the Revolution and a postscript from the Stalinist era.

Can campus rape culture be cured by consent?

9 Oct 2017
The price of hookups may still be too high for both women and men.

New Zealand elections: hope for family values in a conservative win

25 Sep 2017
A late swing to centre-right clips progressives' wings.

Hillary Clinton’s split personality

14 Sep 2017
Pious Christian, abortion flagbearer. Can she be both?

Martin Luther and the advent of the self

25 Aug 2017
Do we have the great reformer to thank for modern individualism?

Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed

22 Aug 2017
A decade since the launch of the vaccine a book questions the claim it prevents cancer.

The inspiring life of Ruth Pfau, leprosy doctor

17 Aug 2017
The death of a nun who worked for 50 years in Pakistan closes a life of Christian service.

What’s destroying the kids – smartphones or distracted parents?

15 Aug 2017
The desperate plight of generation iPhone.

What the Google engineer got right in his manifesto

10 Aug 2017
Once again, men and women are different, even at work.

Report confirms a massive majority against euthanasia in New Zealand

4 Aug 2017
Submission process shows the difference between a poll and considered opinions.

Game-changing pre-natal spina bifida surgery comes to Australasia

31 Jul 2017
A Kiwi baby is just the third to benefit from the skill of a Brisbane team.

Jane Austen’s marriage challenge

21 Jul 2017
We need to make the institution she celebrated great again.

The law must protect, doctors must care, and euthanasia undermines both

14 Jul 2017
A British palliative care talks to MercatorNet about the campaign for assisted suicide.

Canada celebration brings Millennials to a faith summit

7 Jul 2017
In pursuit of genuine pluralism and friendship across the religious spectrum.

And then there were three: a Colombian gay ‘throuple’ is recognised as a family

5 Jul 2017
But it could have been four. And what then?

A pro-life talk at Google headquarters is a hit

30 Jun 2017
The unborn child proves a far more gripping topic than birth control.

‘The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible’

27 Jun 2017
Camille Paglia on the transgender wave, puberty blockers and special rights.

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