Chiara Bertoglio

Do we really need PC Disney classics?

15 May 2019
Rescripting the beloved cartoons for the snowflake generation

Memorials of faith under oppression in a Baltic state

11 Sep 2018
Lithuania looks back on a century marked by war and Soviet occupation.

A prophetic voice on ideologies challenging the Christian West

31 Aug 2018
Dietrich von Hildebrand’s analysis of Nazism and Communism has lessons for today’s debates

Away with apathy, let’s build community

24 Aug 2018
Starting with the family.

Can ‘Brother Sarastra’ play Queen of the Night?

6 Aug 2018
The English Freemasons make a ritual bow to trans rights.

When some-one is missing, will some-thing do?

7 Jun 2018
Dolls may replace drugs for dementia patients, but nothing can replace real human love.

‘Trans women’ – the finer points

21 May 2018
More than surgery is needed

Re-educating Chiara, the duck who would be goose

5 Mar 2018
If she feels like a goose, surely she has the right to transition.

You Come Down from the Stars: an Italian Christmas song

15 Dec 2017
A compendium of poignant, beautiful religious truths.

The feminine voice in Reformation music

11 Dec 2017
For women,also, music was a privileged medium for spiritual expression.

Musical harmony in the midst of Reformation discord

27 Nov 2017
From Protestant psalmody to Bach’s Catholic mass, dialogue was woven.

Conquering aural space: the musical wars of the Reformation

25 Oct 2017
Songs to spread the faith and rouse the spirits among opposing factions.

Jesuits, founders and dukes in the shaping of post-Tridentine music

27 Sep 2017
And the great composers of the Catholic reformation: Palestrina, Zoilo, Victoria…

Wittenberg Expo: celebrating 500 years of Luther’s Reformation

25 Aug 2017
Wittenberg pulls out all the stops.

‘God has a good ear for music’: the Catholic response to Reformation music

18 Aug 2017
Polyphony was never in real danger from the Council of Trent.

The ‘democracy of the dead’: why we should respect tradition

3 Aug 2017
There is a reason that Athens survived and Sparta did not.

Soaring hopes as an antidote to assisted suicide

25 Jul 2017
The very existence of assisted dying creates an expectation that we will surrender to our negativity

Musical chairs: monarchs and church music during the English Reformation

20 Jul 2017
Royal taste and power shaped the unique features of Anglican music.

Not Miss Lonelyhearts

28 Jun 2017

The Genevan Psalter: Calvin’s musical reformation

23 Jun 2017
And its seedbed in the Catholic French court.

Gift of life – or change of ownership?

8 Jun 2017
A winning photograph celebrates surrogate motherhood.

Lutheran songs: a musical gift for all Christians

25 May 2017
The reformer planted the seeds of an extraordinary musical culture in Germany.

Is removing children from Mafia families in their best interests?

17 May 2017
At least one Italian judge thinks so.

Reformation music: how the Word became words

24 Apr 2017
Making Scripture intelligible to all was a guiding concern.

Polyphony? Or cacophany? Prelude to a reformation in church music

24 Mar 2017
‘Bleating’, ‘howling’ and ‘whinnying’: Renaissance critics on church choirs.

‘Servant of God 2.0’

22 Mar 2017
A normal Italian teenager is on his way to being declared a saint

DJ’s assisted suicide fuels Italy’s euthanasia debate

2 Mar 2017
A familiar strategy is being used to change public opinion.

I disapprove of what you say – and will make darned sure you can’t say it

21 Feb 2017
France outlaws ‘misleading’ pro-life websites.

Pre-Reformation church music: plainchant, polyphony and popular songs

20 Feb 2017
A passionate debate about liturgical music raged at the beginning of the 16th century.

Reforming music: harmony and discord in the sixteenth century

20 Jan 2017
When Christians stopped singing from the same hymnbook.

Krol Roger: An opera about a medieval king misreads Christianity

18 Jan 2017
Christian faith does not oppose the body but saves it.

French govt may ban pro-life websites

6 Dec 2016
The Senate votes tomorrow on a bill banning 'digital hindrance to abortion"

Elegy for Amatrice, struck by earthquake

26 Aug 2016
An Italian grieves for lives lost and treasures ruined.

Murder in the parish church

27 Jul 2016
A simple French priest died this week at the hands of Muslim fanatics

Fr Cyril Axelrod, witness to hope for the deaf and blind

13 Jun 2016
Jubilee of Mercy for the sick and disabled highlights a unique vocation.

Has Italy become more ‘civil’ by recognising same-sex unions?

16 May 2016
The step has certainly made it less democratic.

Official Europe’s topsy-turvy social priorities

18 Apr 2016
An EU committee chides ageing Italy for not terminating the lives of more babies.

Spoils of war: the tragic history of the Istrians

8 Feb 2016
How Tito’s Communism finally destroyed a people.

Sparing Mr Rouhani’s culture, hiding a truth about our own

1 Feb 2016
Italy's nude sculptures cover-up exposes contrasting attitudes to the body.

Italy in heated debate about “civil unions”

25 Jan 2016
Same-sex adoption and surrogacy are also on the table.

Why Christians should tell the best stories

21 Jan 2016
Believing that reality itself is narrative is the key.