Denyse O'Leary

Denyse O’Leary is an author, journalist, and blogger who has mainly written popular science and social science. Fellow Canadian Marshall McLuhan’s description of electronic media as a global village means that we continually encounter our whole world in our own homes. The age of information is, for better and worse, overtaking the age of materialism. The limiting commodity in new media is not money but time, not material goods but attention. The implications have hardly begun to sink in.

She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with Tom, Dick, and Harry, who got drafted into the information revolution by getting microchipped at the cat hospital.

Which side will atheists choose in the war on science?

13 Aug 2018
They need to re-evaluate their alliance with progressivism.

A shambolic atheist community faces some tough choices

6 Jun 2018
In-fighting and scandal are tainting the brand

Sceptic asks, why do people who abandon religion embrace superstition?  

29 May 2018
Belief in God is declining and belief in ghosts and witches is rising

Fatal Flaws: A Canadian film chronicles the march of euthanasia

14 May 2018
Almost every country is considering some form of legalisation.

Why Hollywood is losing ground

3 Apr 2018
Hollywood has always been scandalous but it doesn’t matter any more.

Driving a stake through the heart of human exceptionalism

26 Mar 2018
Superannuated professor pushes for human-chimp hybrid.

Has North American journalism gone undercover? 

12 Mar 2018
If traditional media were doing their job, few people would have heard of James O'Keefe.

Canadian psychologist takes on the howling post-modern void 

8 Feb 2018
Unhinged criticism of the man has obscured the merits of his book

Destroying monuments is destroying our history 

14 Dec 2017
Iconoclasts in the US and Canada are not the apex of moral perfections

A biologist awakens from reductionism and begins to rediscover life

6 Dec 2017
If life evolved, purposeless and unguided, why is there so much purpose and guidance within it?

You’ve heard of ‘fake news’. How about ‘fake science’?

6 Sep 2017
A new book gives a quick summary of key issues

Extra! Extra! A handy guide to the normal fake news 

15 Aug 2017
Surviving information overload

‘Dangerous’: Milo Yiannopoulos delights to provoke

31 Jul 2017
The book by the gay conservative provocateur is not nearly as Dangerous as the social media world he exposes.

How can we defend the right to think for ourselves?

30 May 2017
You need true grit and a thick skin

Don’t expect a quick end to the war on free speech

16 May 2017
The momentum of the campaign will be hard to stop

When professors stifle freedom of thought

10 May 2017
In some universities, academics are waging a flat-out war on reality

The war on freedom is rotting our intellectual life

2 May 2017
How can you think if you don't believe in Truth?

The illogic of famous logicians

26 Apr 2017
Millions died while reason took a century-long holiday

The war on intellectual freedom

20 Apr 2017
How political correctness morphed into a monster.

How did ‘populism’ become such a dirty word?

12 Apr 2017
A left-wing journalist offers some thoughts.

What can we do about fake news that would not diminish real news?

12 Jan 2017
Critics of 'fake news' should go to China --- only the government has the right to post fake news.

Does fake news make a difference in politics?

11 Jan 2017
Or is the term just sour grapes from journalists and politicians who misread the electorate?

What is fake news? Do we actually believe it?

10 Jan 2017
Most of the magazines in your supermarket peddle it week after week

The alt right, Donald Trump, and - oddly enough - Darwin

24 Nov 2016
Anyone not committed to Darwinian survival of the fittest cannot be 'alt right'.

Why the mainstream media was doomed to call the US election wrong

15 Nov 2016
The traditional gatekeeper are rapidly losing viewers, advertisers, and staff and fading into irrelevance

Christian racism? Election years bring dangerous creatures from the shadows

7 Nov 2016
The alt-right is peddling some bizarre theories

Children are at risk when they exist only to enact parents’ beliefs

27 Oct 2016
Transgender tots? Part III: the sad lives of poster children

Unravelling ‘recovered memories’

26 Oct 2016
Transgender tots? Part II: How did cognitive psychologists go about unravelling the increasingly frenzied stories?

Transgender tots? ‘Recovered memories’ hysteria is a warning from recent history

25 Oct 2016
Claims that gratify cultural needs are often accepted without good evidence

How the internet is changing the way we live

22 Sep 2016
A new book by British academic Timothy Garton Ash is a magisterial look at free speech in an ultra-connected world

All sides agree: progressive politics is strangling social sciences

6 Sep 2016
But don’t hold your breath and wait for reforms

How did UTexas sociologist Mark Regnerus get to be so hated?

31 Aug 2016
A study of gay parenting exploded when it hit the media

What’s wrong with social science today?

24 Aug 2016
Did it all begin with Margaret Mead's giddy portrait of guilt-free promiscuity in the 1920s?

When is mindfulness a help? When can it be a risk?

21 Apr 2016
The 'dark side' of meditation.

Why pioneers are disillusioned with the ‘mindfulness’ scene

20 Apr 2016
Even as schools embrace it.

Mindfulness is not a product or service

19 Apr 2016
But McMindfulness is big business.

A thoughtful response to the McMindfulness fad

18 Apr 2016
Meditation is by no means a panacea.

Predictive policing: Have we given up on community policing?

3 Mar 2016
Some want police to snoop on social media to identify pre-criminals and create files on them.

Apple vs. FBI: Free internet is at stake

26 Feb 2016
Few analysts agree with the FBI that it would end with just this one case. It can't.

Online medical information: Help, hype, or harm?

24 Feb 2016
'Cyberchondria' arises from overdosing on medical information online.

Controlling trolls helps keep social media free

22 Feb 2016
But there’s a risk in making trolls more important than we need to.

Privacy crunch: Apple vs. the FBI

19 Feb 2016
How much do we value privacy vs. government’s stated desire to protect us?

Are blogs really out of date?

17 Feb 2016
Competition from anybody with an internet connection makes new media different from old media.

Robotic surgery: paging Dr Carebot?

14 Feb 2016
At first glance, it sounds impersonal, sterile. But there are pros and cons.

Social media can strengthen families

9 Feb 2016
They can help people stay in touch better than any other device invented by human ingenuity. (For better or worse.)

The internet: Privacy fights back

5 Feb 2016
Things are worse than we thought. But is Privategrity the answer?

Do you know who your teens meet on social media?

3 Feb 2016
Maybe they don’t either. Maybe you should both find out.

Is the internet losing freedom of speech?

1 Feb 2016
It’s as if your telephone company were your judge and jury, not the court system.

Ethics for the citizen journalist

28 Jan 2016
If you write for online publications today,you are a citizen journalist

Could the internet outlive humanity?

26 Jan 2016
That seems like a strange question, but there is a background to it.

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