Heather Zeiger

Can we trust killer robots and drones to act ethically in future wars?

31 Aug 2018
Machines won’t understand that the enemy is a fellow human being

To the very last breath

16 Jul 2018
How do we define death in an age of technology?

What’s wrong with crowdfunding medical expenses?

20 Feb 2018
Charitable giving still needs its gatekeepers.

Rescuing our lives from tech

16 Feb 2018
Smartphones and apps are designed to suck up as much of our lives as possible

Is addiction a matter of choice or genetics?

14 Nov 2017
The Massachusetts Supreme Court will soon decide whether drugs remove responsibility from addicts

Taking apart the news cycle merry-go-round

17 Oct 2017
How can we escape from the nagging anxiety that we’re not worrying enough?

Silicon Valley’s creepy obsession with longevity

2 Aug 2017
How about US$8000 blood transfusions from teenagers?

Turning life into a game

14 Jun 2017
Marketers are trying to make life easier by borrowing techniques from the gaming industry

Technology and addiction: How Big Gaming hacks into our psyches

6 Apr 2017
To counter their game plan we need to form good habits in children. Part 2 of two.

Addiction or compulsion: our love/hate relationship with technology

23 Mar 2017
Is existential angst driving us to connect?

Manipulating science news

10 Feb 2017
Politics is not the only place to look for 'fake news"

The seven deadly sins of social media

21 Nov 2016
Tinder is lust. Netflix is sloth ... and it all adds up to idolatry.

Pay no attention to the man behind the algorithm

23 Sep 2016
Our digital gatekeepers fall short of their own hype.

When is it ethical for police and the military to use killer robots?

15 Aug 2016
Does death become more moral if it is low cost and risk-free?

Blind faith in DNA

23 Jun 2016
We should be wary of accepting bold claims by researchers until they have been thoroughly tested

Hacking hospitals and holding data hostage

22 Apr 2016
Old-fashioned crime with a new tech twist.

Bodyhackers: the rebel-punk Transhumanists

31 Mar 2016
The body as a home improvement project.