Michael Kirke

Michael Kirke was born in Ireland. In 1966 he graduated from University College Dublin (History and Politics). In that year he began working on the sub-editorial desk of The Evening Press in Dublin and in 1968 went to the newsroom of the Irish Press group of newspapers, contributing news and features to the group’s three titles – morning, evening and Sunday papers. In 1969 he went to Belfast and covered the initial unravelling of the Unionist hegemony in the province. Later that year he became the group’s education specialist. In 1973 took leave of absence to pursue postgraduate studies in education in Trinity College Dublin, where he graduated in 1976.

In 1978 he left journalism and moved into teaching. In 1981 he was appointed headmaster of Rockbrook Park School in Dublin (

In 1994 made another career shift, left teaching and moved to Galway in the West of Ireland where he began working part-time in media again. He is now back in Dublin, working in media and as a freelance writer. His main interests are in cultural, political, and educational affairs, probably in that order.

In search of new Augustines for the 21st Century

27 Feb 2019
Even today, people turn their lives around and embrace a life of service and meaning

‘Rise and Grind’: on the pathology of work

2 Feb 2019
The hunger-for-hustle epidemic raging through a generation.

Terrence Malick and the Passion of Franz Jägerstätter

30 Oct 2018
A film about a 20th century martyr for faith and conscience will be released soon.

Is this what the denial of unconditional love for both really means?

1 Jun 2018
To be a Christian in Ireland will, for many, have the taste of exile about it.

Ireland goes the way of the world - for now

28 May 2018
More than two-thirds of those voting in Friday's referendum said 'yes' to abortion.

Ireland votes on the right to life on Friday

23 May 2018
A poll on whether to remove constitutional safeguards for the unborn is a momentous step

Why Machiavelli could feel at home in Silicon Valley

13 Apr 2018
The moral malaise behind the Facebook scandal did not begin with this tech monster.

Sins and sophistries in the history of the Crusades

14 Feb 2018
We should not mistake the past for the present.

Stranger Things: a dystopia with friendship and hope

21 Nov 2017
Real darkness threatens but goodhearted people have their own power.

In Ireland, David and Goliath meet again

5 Oct 2017
This time the issue is the nation’s Constitutional protection of the unborn child.

Back to the future… or the end of the road?

17 Aug 2017
Neo-Marxist ideology has Christianity in its sights.

Is being a Christian a sackable offence in UK politics now?

16 Jun 2017
The leader of the Liberal Democrats has resigned over his beliefs on same-sex marriage

Cormac McCarthy: Clinging to hope in a devastated world

12 May 2017
The writer’s harrowing visions challenge us in our comfort zones.

‘The Benedict Option’—terrific for monks, but not for ordinary Christians

3 Apr 2017
Confronting secularism does not require flight from the hurly-burly of society

Real news and a fake scandal

18 Jan 2017
Why the fuss over Oxfam's claim that the 8 richest people own as much as the world's bottom half?

Hollywood dramatizes a harrowing Japanese novel about persecuted Christians

10 Jan 2017
Shusaku Endo’s masterpiece, Silence, is dark but powerful

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

8 Apr 2016
An exciting history of a great and cruel people

Laurus: the history of a man’s soul

18 Mar 2016
A surprising new Russian novel recommends 'the way of the saints'.

The evil that men do

4 Feb 2016
Right down to our own day, Chairman Mao left a legacy of cruelty and inhumanity.

In ten to thirty years, the survivors will speak out

30 Jul 2015
The Boy Scouts will regret opening doors to openly gay leaders and employees.

Please do not kill this Mockingbird

20 Jul 2015
Despite its rawness, Go Set a Watchman is a literary treasure.

Two gay campaigners against same-sex marriage in Ireland

18 May 2015
What about the children, they ask.

Ireland: Will the Noes have it?

15 May 2015
It has been a bad week for a government hitching its wagon to marriage "equality".

Overcooking the ‘equality’ cake?

11 May 2015
The pollsters in the UK got it completely wrong. Is the same true in Ireland?

Doing justice to Ian Paisley

18 Sep 2014
Forgiveness, yes, but the honest recording of memory has its own moral imperative.

Marry and submit to him. What?

28 Mar 2014
An Italian journalist gives advice that has feminists fuming. Is she mad?

Stumbling forward into the past

25 Mar 2014
Even the Roman Empire had a use-by date. What is ours?

Why Christian ideals are the foundation of a secular society

4 Mar 2014
Secularism is Europe’s noblest achievement and Christianity’s gift to the world, says an Oxford don.

Through the underworld to transcendence

7 Feb 2014
Donna Tartt's splendid third novel The Goldfinch is a sharp critique of corrupt Western culture.

Manifesto for a new Ireland: start with conscience rights

16 Jul 2013
Defying her party's attempt to force consciences on the abortion issue, Lucinda Creighton loses her job but saves a fundamental right.

What is really going on?

12 Feb 2013
On March 27 last year, the UK’s representation in Strasbourg organised the European Council’s first “closed conference” (ie, public not admitted), to agree detailed plans for the June 2013 implementation of "equal civil marriage”, with a keynote address from Lynne Featherstone. A speech by the British judge, Sir Nicolas Bratza, then head of the European Court of Human Rights, signalled that the court was ready to declare same-sex marriage a “human right”, as soon as enough countries fell into line.

Mother of Parliaments divorces an institution it has been wedded to for almost one thousand years

6 Feb 2013
Yesterday, Tuesday, February 5, 2013, was D-Day for marriage in the United Kingdom – well, in the England and Wales segment of it anyway. Yesterday evening (British time) Marriage was redefined in a fairly massive vote in Britain’s House of Commons after six hours of debate. The vote was 400-175. More than 70 members spoke.

Last ditch attempt to protect freedom of speech and conscience?

29 Jan 2013
A British MP is going to table a bill in the House of Commons this week which seeks to protect “conscientious beliefs about the definition of marriage”. The bill, being introduced by Edward Leigh, will seek to amend equality legislation to protect free speech. Among other things, it addresses the perceived threat to teachers and public workers who might find the Government’s attempt to legislate for a redefinition of marriage.

Stormy weather on the horizon?

24 Jan 2013
The pending bill would, for the first time in our state's history, redefine marriage to legally recognize same-sex "marriages." But neither two men nor two women - nor, for that matter, three or more people - can possibly form a marriage. Our law would be lying if it said they could.

Google in the dock?

23 Jan 2013
What is going on? Now you see it, now you don’t, now you see it again. Google has been involved in some sinister censorship – or perhaps they just blundered and then caught themselves on. We know that Google supports the campaign for gay “marriage” in the US – and presumably further afield as well – but we did not suspect that they would be censoring opposing viewpoints on the issue. Are they?

Another fine mess…?

16 Jan 2013
Two “divorcing” gay men are arguing with each other before a Canadian court, the one denying the “rights” of another because the jurisdiction in which they first registered their civil partnership does not recognise it as a “marriage” while the jurisdiction in which they now live does. With a straight face – although we have no photographs to prove it, - the Canadian judge ruled that it would be “impermissible discrimination” not to view Wayne Hincks, 44, from London, as married to his partner Gerardo Gallardo in exactly the same way as a husband and wife.

Will the barricades be rising again?

9 Jan 2013
The French have a track record for going overboard on rational ideologies. The problem is that in their pursuit of those ideologies the can become quite. So I suppose we should not be too surprised by the latest antics of France’s new socialist government. A few weeks ago, their stubborn insistence on their ideological new tax laws plunged them into confusion and now their intolerant threats to anyone who opposes their plans to introduce gay “marriage” by next June looks like stoking old hostilities into flames again.

A bad case of double think and double standards

2 Jan 2013
The weakness of any argument is often revealed in the reversion of its advocates to the ad hominem mode - which is just another way of avoiding the issue at the heart of an argument. While not exactly ad hominem, more a question of ad institutionem, the media onslaught on the mild but clear utterances of the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales over Christmas did little more than betray the shallowness of the gay case for the redefinition and ultimate destruction of the institution of marriage.

“Threadbare idea of equality” behind redefinition of marriage

17 Dec 2012
Reports from Britain show that the battle in the public square there on the issue of gay “marriage” continues to gather momentum. In the London Times last week one of the country’s foremost thinkers, Roger Scruton, took the government to task for “the shallow reasoning that has dominated the political discussions surrounding this move” to redefine marriage.

Parliamentary process “scorned in the rush to redefine marriage”

14 Dec 2012
Outrage seems too mild a term to describe the reaction which is evident across Britain in the wake of the government’s decision there to press on with its redefinition of marriage. Yesterday's Daily Telegraph in its editorial comment decried the needles import to Britain of what it called America's "culture wars" on this issue.

British Government plans to introduce gay “marriage” bill next week

12 Dec 2012
The British Government is expected to announce legislation for what it calls 'Equal Civil Marriage' next week. It will also publish results of its recent 'Consultation' on the issue. The formal debate on the Bill will not take place until the New Year.

Shoot first, aim later

4 Dec 2012
Ireland's Press Council was praised by the Leveson Inquiry. But it hasn't put a stop to the group think in the Irish media.

Ireland’s abortion furore

19 Nov 2012
A mother’s death becomes instant propaganda for dismantling protection of unborn children.

The looming dictatorship of the “egalitarians”

19 Nov 2012
We’re heading for economic dictatorship according to a writer in today’s Sunday Telegraph (UK). But another story carries a grimmer message – that Britain is already in the grip of a more pervasive and sinister dictatorship. “Primary school teachers 'could face sack' for refusing to promote gay marriage”.

Marriage on the rocks

13 Nov 2012
The likely result of gay and lesbian pressure groups pushing for the redefining of marriage is going to be that the institution will become a meaningless charade and disappear from the face of the earth. This is the ultimate conclusion of William J. Haun, a lawyer in Washington, D.C., writing in the current issue of First Things.

Devaluing the currency

11 Nov 2012
Among the things which were disturbing on the campaign periphery was the vitriolic and abusive language which some commentators in the mainstream media – if the Huffington Post can now be described as such – are prepared to descend to in the debate on this issue.

Approaching the last taboo

9 Oct 2012
Witte is content to let people have sex with however many people they want. But in marriage, he says, the state must insist that it knows best. In a wedded union, three is a crowd. Brake argues for an almost complete disestablishment of marriage. Even same-sex marriage (SSM) advocates are too restrictive for Brake in that they would confer benefits on two people alone; SSM advocates leave out “urban tribes, best friends, quirkyalones, polyamorists” and other diverse groups united by a common bond of caring.

Love, Sex and Marriage in the Tower of Babel

3 Oct 2012
In a lecture on Love, Sex and Marriage in Liberal Societies, delivered to the Iona Institute in Dublin last Friday night, Professor Haldane argued that about the only non-conflicted terms in his title were the two words “and” and “in”. Everything else had more or less gone by the board and utter confusion seemed to reign around them in public and private discourse. The consequences of this were nothing short of disastrous.

All men are equal, but…

24 Sep 2012
Britain’s Coalition For Marriage has sought an expert legal opinion on the perceived threats to freedom of conscience in the destruction of marriage now promised by the British Government. Add to that similar threats in the public policies of the USA, France and Ireland – to name just three. If you take away freedom of conscience you destroy, not only Liberty itself but one of the foundations of Fraternity, respect for the individual conscience of my brother.

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