Laura Perrins

I hereby declare July to be Wrath Month

2 Jul 2019
Anyone who has a problem with that is just a Hater

What is Atheism for Kids all about? God knows

30 Jul 2018
Richard Dawkins, children's author(!)

Beauty and the Beast – a message of hope for downtrodden men

14 Mar 2018
Every man and woman can make themselves worthy of another.

Boys will be boys. Girls won’t

12 Sep 2017
Why an all-girls Lord of the Flies must be a defeat for women.

Twenty years after Diana’s death, the state of Britain and its monarchy

31 Aug 2017
The public mourning for the 'People's Princess' manifested the collapse of traditional institutions.

Lena Dunham turns transgender thought cop

8 Aug 2017
You might not be interested in these culture wars but believe me, they are interested in you.

Our clichéd, spineless response to Manchester is the terrorists’ biggest victory

30 May 2017
'They will never win'? Last Monday night they did win.

Barmy British doctors deny that only women can get pregnant

2 Feb 2017
The British Medical Association jumps on the transgender express.

Patriarchy is inevitable so long as men are men and women are women

2 Dec 2016
That’s not misogyny; it’s the evidence.

Liberal feminist bullying sparked the Trump backlash

11 Nov 2016
I'm not hot on Trump, but a defeat for 1 percent feminism is overdue.

Dating and demographics

2 Sep 2016
With more women than men in many American colleges, life gets very complicated

Young men should turn their backs on pointless university degrees

16 Aug 2016
So what if women are dominating university admissions?

The daycare generation now demands ‘safe spaces’ at university

3 Jun 2016
It makes sense, if they missed out on 'comfort and home' as toddlers.

The Rage Against God: an interview with Peter Hitchens

17 Mar 2016
The conservative brother of the late Christopher Hitchens on Britain's decay without God.

The gender pay gap is baloney

11 Mar 2015
Most women would rather not run a megabank.

The father who fell in love with the stranger who bore his child

18 Nov 2014
A donor dad story that shows the power of biological ties.

Dawkins, and what to do about a baby with Downs

22 Aug 2014
Advice offered on Twitter sounds brutal - and it is.

Lord Carey’s suicide mission

15 Jul 2014
A former Archbishop of Canterbury gets everything wrong about assisted suicide.