Michael Cook

Michael Cook likes bad puns, bushwalking and black coffee. He did a BA at Harvard University in the US where it was good for networking, but moved to Sydney where it wasn’t. He also did a PhD on an obscure corner of Australian literature. He has worked as a book editor and magazine editor and has published articles in magazines and newspapers in the US, the UK and Australia. Currently he is the editor of BioEdge, a newsletter about bioethics, and MercatorNet. He also writes a bioethics column for Australasian Science and contributes occasional op-ed pieces to newspapers and websites in the US, UK and Australia.

Could parents who resist the transgender narrative lose their kids? Yup

14 Feb 2019
If parents stop a child from 'transitioning', there could be 'consequences'

34 elderly are dead. Why haven’t you read about it?

12 Feb 2019
What may turn out to be one of the biggest crimes in US history is being ignored

UNAIDS: behind schedule and behind the eight-ball

31 Dec 2018
The UN's own benchmark for stopping the epidemic is only 13 months away. It won't meet it.

An innocent bishop acquitted. Did anyone notice?

11 Dec 2018
Philip Wilson's reputation has been trashed. Who will pick up the pieces?

Euthanasia deaths in Quebec rising rapidly

10 Dec 2018
Is death-by-doctor becoming normalised?

Advice for transgender ‘free spirits’

10 Dec 2018
It's an updated version of the Flat Earth theory, complains one scientist

Can Americans be friends again?

3 Dec 2018
The junior senator from Nebraska says they can

Meet the father of one thousand kids

29 Nov 2018
Why isn’t sperm donation regarded as a crime against humanity?

Chinese scientist creates the world’s first designer babies

28 Nov 2018
Is the indignation of scientists sincere?

Have scientists given up trying to explain transgender?

27 Nov 2018
A peer-reviewed international journal suggests that reincarnation might be a factor

Why isn’t religious freedom ‘the defining issue of our time’?

26 Nov 2018
The West ignores the religious concerns of the rest of the world at its peril

Gay activists sink an Australian bridal magazine

20 Nov 2018
The owners quietly refused to celebrate same-sex weddings

Wife critical of journalist husband’s trip to Swiss suicide clinic

13 Nov 2018
‘His death feels unresolved’

Dutchman, 69, wants to turn back the clock on his age

9 Nov 2018
'Young god' claims that he is a victim of trans-ageist discrimination

Are the wheels falling off the transgender juggernaut?

7 Nov 2018
In a surprising move, 'The Economist' expresses grave reservations

Let’s talk about pain

5 Nov 2018
In an increasingly secularised society, suffering noisily beats suffering in silence

Did the leader in California’s governor’s race assist his mother’s suicide?

5 Nov 2018
He has admitted it in an interview with 'The New Yorker'

Do transhumanists need a bill of rights?

2 Nov 2018
It would be useful to protect themselves against the hostility of ordinary mortals

Human dignity in the public square

2 Nov 2018
Do we really need this bioethics folderol?

A remarkable philosopher passes at 99

30 Oct 2018
British philosopher Mary Midgley was a lifelong foe of scientism

Is it possible for doctors to be neutral on physician-assisted suicide?

25 Oct 2018
A large association of American doctors has adopted a position of "engaged neutrality".

Win for conscientious objection in Norway

22 Oct 2018
Doctor who refused to insert IUDs vindicated

When the birds and the bees become a battleground

16 Oct 2018
A recent study brings clarity to the debate over comprehensive sexuality education

In Pakistan, it takes courage to be a Christian

12 Oct 2018
Two stories of heroic women, one of them on death row for 'blaspheming' against the Prophet

Hoax offers hope that post-modernist madness is fading

10 Oct 2018
A hilarious send-up of academic twaddle makes a serious point

Canadian Cardinal defends Pope against cover-up claims

8 Oct 2018
Cardinal Marc Ouellet writes scathing letter to Pope's critic

Transgender illusions

5 Oct 2018
Where is the proof that pandering to teenagers' dysphoria will help their mental health?

Transgender ideology exposed

28 Sep 2018
Here's a quick video summary of the main issues, dangers and opportunities

Canada laying groundwork for child euthanasia

25 Sep 2018
It is still banned, but the government is looking at its options

Affirm transgender kids, says American Academy of Pediatrics

24 Sep 2018
No reason to question their gender choice

Amend law to allow organ donor euthanasia, say Canadian doctors

19 Sep 2018
The first shot in a terrifying revolution in medical ethics

13-year-olds given mastectomies at California clinic

17 Sep 2018
Is this child abuse?

Do transgender women have a right to gestation?

12 Sep 2018
The medical details have yet to be ironed out, but the ethics are ready

‘The Resistance’ to Trump fails a basic test of courage

7 Sep 2018
The New York Times's publication of an anonymous op-ed reveals more about the editors than about the President

Uh-oh! Infanticide is back

4 Sep 2018
Why not? asks bioethicist in leading journal

Let’s all take a chill pill

3 Sep 2018
Catholics need to get a grip and take a calmer look at the crisis in their Church.

Ex-nuncio calls on Pope to resign over sex-abuse cover-up

27 Aug 2018
But how credible are his allegations?

Can sexual orientation change? Yes, according to a new study

21 Aug 2018
Why shouldn't gays and lesbians who want to change be allowed to try?

Obsession with selfies can lead to ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’

21 Aug 2018
Doctored selfies are being used as templates for cosmetic surgery

Damning report slams sex abuse in Pennsylvania by Catholic priests

17 Aug 2018
But lurid stories lead to hysteria, not responsible action

The two faces of physiognomy 

16 Aug 2018
Is sexual orientation written on the faces of gays and lesbians?

The Leyonhjelm bill is a threat to vulnerable Australians

15 Aug 2018
Does a libertarian veterinarian have our best interests at heart?

They shoot horses, don’t they?

10 Aug 2018
If the stress of euthanizing animals drives some vets to suicide, what will happen to euthanasia doctors?

Abortion activists unveil their strategy for attacking conscientious objection

6 Aug 2018
Doctors who object should be exiled from the profession

We can’t abolish conscience. It will destroy Hollywood

3 Aug 2018
Central to the best drama are gut-wrenching moral dilemmas

Cardinal sins

1 Aug 2018
Lessons from the disgrace and downfall of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

British IVF clinics on a “gravy train”: IVF pioneer

1 Aug 2018
Mixing the 'desperation' of couples for a child and the 'avarice' of private practice is a dangerous combination

Three children euthanised in Belgium

27 Jul 2018
Latest official report reveals reasons

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