Paul Russell

Paul Russell is director and founder of the national network HOPE: Preventing Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide. Paul has been involved in campaigning and lobbying on family and pro-life policy for many years in South Australia and nationally.

Elder abuse – a real and present danger

28 Aug 2017
What if the children need their assets?

Why the Andrews legislation is all about suicide

1 Aug 2017
What's the sense of offering legal assisted suicide as a form of suicide prevention?

How many safeguards do you need to make assisted suicide safe?

22 Jul 2017
After reading the report to the government of Victoria, you realise that there can be no safe suicide

It can’t be all about the money! Or is it?

20 Jul 2017
It's a social faux pas to mention it, but accelerated dying would be cheaper

Triple suicide in Queensland: why aren’t we celebrating?

3 Jul 2017
A trail of grief and unanswerable questions.

Elder abuse is a clear and present danger in the euthanasia debate

15 Jun 2017
An Australian report underscores the seriousness of the problem

An Orwellian assisted suicide bill to be debated in New South Wales

15 Jun 2017
The term 'working group' sounds official, but it is largely smoke and mirrors

‘They killed her last night’

30 May 2017
Could euthanasia make a useful companion to elder abuse?

Euthanasia bill crushed in Tasmania

29 May 2017
The latest attempt to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide sank by a 2 to 1 margin

Doctors will have to lie on euthanasia death certificates

19 May 2017
A bill for assisted suicide and euthanasia is evolving in the Australian state of Victoria

Euthanasia is a ‘sideshow’ in end-of-life care, says leading US bioethicist

25 Apr 2017
Ezekiel Emanuel says that pain is not the the reason people ask doctors to end their lives

Nitschke creates his own euthanasia award

24 Apr 2017
Honouring crass and undignified behaviour says something about the cause

Politicians wrestle with doctors’ consciences in Victoria

20 Apr 2017
Conscientious objection needs to be protected

An empty chair, a missing Premier: a poignant metaphor

10 Apr 2017
Assisted Suicide: The Musical makes a compelling case.

The assisted suicide project will never end

13 Mar 2017
Its supporters will always find new borders to cross and new rules to transgress

More nonsense from the panel that will design Victoria’s death law

21 Feb 2017
The supposed safeguards will not work

Euthanasia: no one is ever satisfied

9 Jan 2017
Bit by bit 'onerous' safeguards are shed

Euthanasia fails in South Australia

17 Nov 2016
But by the narrowest of margins

The first statistics for Quebec’s euthanasia are available—and scary

4 Nov 2016
There were nearly three times the number of expected deaths

Leading Australian journalist decries push for euthanasia

3 Oct 2016
Paul Kelly fears that it will change the country for ever.

The Dutch do it better

21 Sep 2016
A Belgian child was euthanised last week. Now they're studying a child euthanasia clinic in the Netherlands

Isn’t killing 19 disabled people a hate crime?

2 Aug 2016
Why didn't Japan's biggest mass killing since World War II create more waves in the media?

Canada: the world has gone MAD

8 Jul 2016
The government will help you violate your conscience.

A sugar coated poison pill for Victoria

9 Jun 2016
Another one-sided report on euthanasia, this time in the Australian state of Victoria

‘What we’re talking about is killing people’

19 Apr 2016
Former Prime Minister weighs into euthanasia debate.

Australian health minister does not support euthanasia

1 Apr 2016
Health reforms include improvements in palliative care.

Crushing resistance, one clause at a time

7 Mar 2016
Proposed amendments to Belgium's euthanasia law are designed to do away with conscientious objection

Discrimination of the vilest kind

25 Feb 2016
When euthanasia came to Aboriginal Australia.

Should people be denied choices at the end of life?

29 Jan 2016
Choice, safeguards, and a loaded question.

Archbishop forces showdown over Belgian euthanasia law

3 Jan 2016
New prelate says that euthanasia may not take place in Catholic nursing homes.

Making suicide easier – and no one takes notice

17 Dec 2015
Why aren't suicide prevention agencies denouncing Philip Nitschke?

Belgian MP calls for a review of the euthanasia law

14 Dec 2015
Safeguards are meaningless, she claims.

The great debate

18 Aug 2015
The world's foremost utilitarian philosopher debated euthanasia with the Catholic archbishop of Sydney.

Comedy is deadly serious for Philip Nitschke

4 Aug 2015
His new career as a stand-up comic is faltering.

All lives are worth saving

16 Jul 2015
Suicide prevention must include preventing all suicides.

Belgium’s euthanasia establishment hisses back

30 Jun 2015
When Tom Mortier complained about his mother's death, he learned how entrenched euthanasia is.

Assisted suicide off the boil in New Zealand

12 Jun 2015
The ball has been passed from the courts to Parliament.

Australian Medical Association expels Nitschke

12 Mar 2015
Professional consequences mount for Australia's notorious euthanasia doctor

Do you call this a life?

3 Mar 2015
An important new book chronicles the development of euthanasia in the Netherlands

Australian euthanasia doctor battles deregistration

14 Nov 2014
Philip Nitschke is making a stand on the validity of rational suicide.

A compassionate society prevents suicide; it doesn’t promote it

11 Sep 2014
How can we prevent suicide if we are also assisting it?

Don’t like nursing homes? The Dutch have a solution for you

29 Aug 2014
How does euthanasia sound?

A man who disdains euphemisms

8 Jul 2014
Philip Nitschke is forcing Australians to see how serious assisted suicide is.

Deacon arrested over Belgian euthanasia deaths

6 Jun 2014
Breaking news from a number of sources says that Belgian police have charged a 57-year-old man with 10 cases of illegal euthanasia.

Hard cases make bad euthanasia laws

3 Apr 2014
Heart-wrenching stories of people with terminal illness are compelling. But they still don't make a good case.

Does silence before Belgium’s new euthanasia law mean consent?

20 Feb 2014
What have the dying-with-dignity crowd said about euthanasia for kids? Almost nothing.

Belgium extends euthanasia to children

15 Feb 2014
Sick children can now ask for lethal injections.

Insane conversations: talking to children about euthanasia

31 Jan 2014
Exactly how would Belgians discover that a minor wanted to die?

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