Richard Fitzgibbons

What will all those hormones do to gender dysphoric kids?

6 Feb 2018
The risk of depression and suicide is substantially higher

Help! My daughter wants to become a man

7 Aug 2017
Hopeful advice for distressed parents

Saving marriages by healing old wounds and selfishness

23 Jun 2016
Excessive anger and hurtful behaviour can be addressed through forgiveness.

Lessons from Sandy Hook

3 Dec 2013
A government report on a school shooting in which six adults and 20 children died fails to establish a motive.

Adoption conundrums

6 Sep 2012
Same-sex parenting deprives children of a mother or father. But isn't the same thing happening with heterosexual adoption?

No more threats, please! Let’s try logic

28 Aug 2012
Same-sex marriage arouses fierce passions. Let’s work through the arguments one step at a time.

Marriage, essentially

10 Aug 2012
A philosophical reflection on what's wrong with the concept of same-sex marriage.

Same sex adoption is not a game

18 Nov 2011
Allowing same sex couples to adopt children deprives them of a mother or a father and subjects them to a dangerous social experiment.

Abuse allegations: true, false and truthy

12 Apr 2011
21 Philadelphia priests were recently stood down, even though most of them are clearly not abusers. What is going on?

Schools withhold sad facts about homosexual lifestyle

25 Oct 2006
Teachers are being irresponsible when they teach that homosexuality is a healthy lifestyle.