The dream team for propping up woke stereotypes: Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have embarked on a campaign against sexism in advertising, working towards portraying men doing the cooking, while women mow the lawn.

Their charitable foundation, Archewell, has backed a report from the American lobby group Equimundo Center for Masculinities and Social Justice about the state of the world’s fathers.

“Media should break down gender stereotypes and show men doing cooking and cleaning and women doing tasks like mowing the lawn or fixing the sink,” the 91-page document suggests.

This is bonkers.


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Clearly the Sussexes must not watch much TV, or they would know that advertising in Britain is already brim full of men doing the washing, men dusting the furniture, men cleaning floors and men looking after children -- albeit always daughters who are always playing football or being prevented from playing football.

TV advertising is already awash with sexist stereotypes. But they are the exact opposite of the stereotypes that Harry and Meghan think they are combatting.

It would be great if they could combat the really sexist stereotypes imposed on us by woke capitalism and help restore some semblance of normality to this topsy-turvy world, in which men are turned into women and women into men.

Indeed, sometimes it feels as if the only ones allowed to wear make-up, frocks and high heels are men, while women are airbrushed out of the picture, courtesy of the same brand of feminism that paved the way for transwomen.

Even better, why don’t Harry and Meghan kick their habit of lecturing normal people about how to live their lives? That is one stereotype we would all thank them for breaking.


Ann Farmer writes from the United Kingdom. 

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  • mrscracker
    I do feel quite sorry for Prince Harry & his family. What a terrible shame.
  • Ann Farmer
    published this page in The Latest 2023-07-27 09:17:05 +1000