Rise of the online bully

Katie Hinderer | 13 January 2013

But today’s bullies aren’t just slipping notes in class or taunting in the cafeteria. They are taking to the internet and they are brutal.

You want to read news you need to ask for it

Katie Hinderer | 25 January 2012
Every article we click on, every blog we read, every article on a newspaper’s website we choose to view – all of that is sending a message to the publishers, bloggers and writers.

Has the internet made us overly sensitive?

Katie Hinderer | 17 August 2011
Since I started blogging more regularly and began interacting with other bloggers. I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme: feelings are constantly hurt.

Spotify allows you to pick you music

Katie Hinderer | 29 July 2011
Spotify is what happens when you combine the revolutionary idea of Napster (but make it legal), mix in a little Netflix-type action and give users more control than Pandora affords.

Avoiding social media overload

Katie Hinderer | 18 July 2011
To a new social media adopter the thought of opening a Facebook and LinkedIn profile is overwhelming. To those a little more versed the task is not as daunting but it is still time consuming.

Google+ launches amid hype and comparisons

Katie Hinderer | 02 July 2011
Google+ is the latest social media attempt by Google, with hopes that it will reign in Facebook’s monopoly on social networking.

Opt out of Facebook’s facial recognition

Katie Hinderer | 23 June 2011
The latest Facebook news is the software the site has that claims the ability to identify your face in pictures and videos. Its facial recognition software is revolutionary and creepy!

I’m voting to ignore Gaga

Katie Hinderer | 18 May 2011
Despite my best efforts to ignore her existence she follows me; stalks me. It becomes more difficult every day to not click on the Lady Gaga articles that beg to be read, the video clips that practically scream at me for attention.

Data mining – what you are sharing online without even knowing it

Katie Hinderer | 21 March 2011
It’s called data-mining – and it has been around for dozens of years. It is the way that advertisers decide what kind of direct mail advertisement they should sent you through the traditional mail.

Stop and think before you post that status update

Katie Hinderer | 16 March 2011
One of the things I always stress is to pause before posting a new status on Facebook or sending a Twitter message and ask yourself two questions – what is the real message I am sending with these words and am I ok with this being part of my permanent record?

Have you thought about your digital afterlife?

Katie Hinderer | 01 February 2011
The digital afterlife, as it is being called, is now the subject matter of one book and countless websites and blogs. All of these mediums attempt to answer the same questions – what happens to your online identity after you die? How can you preserve this identity? Who should you appoint as an online executor of your digital life?

Attending fashion week from home

Katie Hinderer | 10 September 2010
This year I am not able to get to New York's Fashion Week, but my home-bound state got me thinking, now in the age of modern technology it is totally possible to attend Fashion Week from home.

The power of Twitter

Katie Hinderer | 28 June 2010
For companies, like hoteliers, this isn’t about rewarding a client, most times it is about doing damage control. One message on Twitter or Facebook that talks negatively about a company or its brand can have a damaging effect. Likewise, a positive message basically becomes free marketing for the company.

Facebook’s instant personalization

Katie Hinderer | 02 June 2010
An interesting part of this whole debate, and one that is not readily known in the new Instant Personalization function. This new function automatically connects your Facebook account to your Pandora or Yelp account. At first glance it’s a great tool. You can be logged into Facebook and then automatically logged into Pandora. You can like a song on your Pandora playlist and it will show up on your Facebook account. Wow!

Happy Birthday YouTube

Katie Hinderer | 18 May 2010
Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe how young some components of modern technology really are. YouTube, for example, is celebrating its fifth birthday.

How to make Facebook private

Katie Hinderer | 14 May 2010
After last week’s post about the dangers of having your info on Facebook a number of people have asked me how difficult it is to make your information private. Let’s walk through the process. It’s actually pretty simple. I suggest you change nearly every setting to ‘Only Friends.’

Making Facebook private

Katie Hinderer | 02 May 2010
When it comes to Facebook we need to take things more seriously. In the midst of my presentations this week I gave one on the dangers of the internet. Since I make my living thanks to internet publications, I obviously am not against this amazing piece of technology. But, at the same time, I think people aren’t aware of how easy it is find information online about a person.

Twitter tries paid advertising

Katie Hinderer | 14 April 2010
This week Twitter has started experimenting with targeted advertising tweets. According to early reports, only 10% of users will be impacted by these non-requested messages that will show up in the newsfeed.
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