Zuckerberg clothing choices

Katie Hinderer | 31 May 2012

By wearing a sweatshirt and jeans to meet with business professionals, who were no doubt in business suits, he sent the message that this meeting wasn’t important enough for him to dress up for.

The need to disconnect

Katie Hinderer | 08 March 2012

Social media is all well and good, but what is happening to us as we remain constantly connected?

How many hours do you spent on Facebook per month? 8?!

Katie Hinderer | 03 October 2011
163.2 million people in the US visited Facebook in August and they spent nearly 8 hours per month on the site.

Has the internet made us overly sensitive?

Katie Hinderer | 17 August 2011
Since I started blogging more regularly and began interacting with other bloggers. I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme: feelings are constantly hurt.

Avoiding social media overload

Katie Hinderer | 18 July 2011
To a new social media adopter the thought of opening a Facebook and LinkedIn profile is overwhelming. To those a little more versed the task is not as daunting but it is still time consuming.

Google+ launches amid hype and comparisons

Katie Hinderer | 02 July 2011
Google+ is the latest social media attempt by Google, with hopes that it will reign in Facebook’s monopoly on social networking.

Opt out of Facebook’s facial recognition

Katie Hinderer | 23 June 2011
The latest Facebook news is the software the site has that claims the ability to identify your face in pictures and videos. Its facial recognition software is revolutionary and creepy!

Dating 2011: The Facebook relationship

Tamara El-Rahi | 18 April 2011
Once upon a time, word of mouth was enough to let your close friends know that there was a special man in your life. Nowadays, your relationship is only official once announced on Facebook...

Social Media Excels in a Tragedy

Katie Hinderer | 18 March 2011
This might sound odd, but one of the moments I am proud to be so involved in social media is when a world tragedy strikes. Catastrophes like the earthquake and following tsunami in Japan, have a way of bringing out the true human in everyone.

Stop and think before you post that status update

Katie Hinderer | 16 March 2011
One of the things I always stress is to pause before posting a new status on Facebook or sending a Twitter message and ask yourself two questions – what is the real message I am sending with these words and am I ok with this being part of my permanent record?

Facebook to give out your phone number, address

Katie Hinderer | 07 March 2011
Facebook has decided it will give third party companies access to your phone number and home address.

Have you thought about your digital afterlife?

Katie Hinderer | 01 February 2011
The digital afterlife, as it is being called, is now the subject matter of one book and countless websites and blogs. All of these mediums attempt to answer the same questions – what happens to your online identity after you die? How can you preserve this identity? Who should you appoint as an online executor of your digital life?

Breaking through the social media superficiality

Katie Hinderer | 06 January 2011
Why separate ourselves from something that is so much a part of our modern world? By stepping away and giving up we are in essence putting up a barrier between ourselves and our peers. Wouldn’t the better solution be to take decisive steps to infuse value into these outlets? Put substance where there is none.

Talking is no longer a vocal act

Katie Hinderer | 07 August 2010
I realized that her definition of ‘talk’ had morphed from its classic meaning.

As Facebook users die, memories take shape

Katie Hinderer | 21 July 2010
There was an interesting article in the New York Times a couple days ago about Facebook and death. Entitled, 'As Facebook Users Die, Ghosts Reach Out,' the article talks about how it can be chilling and awkward when Facebook suggests you reconnect or write on the wall of someone who has passed away. While the piece focuses mostly on the older crowd and how sad it can be to see their face pop up, I tend to see it from another aspect.

Facebook’s instant personalization

Katie Hinderer | 02 June 2010
An interesting part of this whole debate, and one that is not readily known in the new Instant Personalization function. This new function automatically connects your Facebook account to your Pandora or Yelp account. At first glance it’s a great tool. You can be logged into Facebook and then automatically logged into Pandora. You can like a song on your Pandora playlist and it will show up on your Facebook account. Wow!

How to make Facebook private

Katie Hinderer | 14 May 2010
After last week’s post about the dangers of having your info on Facebook a number of people have asked me how difficult it is to make your information private. Let’s walk through the process. It’s actually pretty simple. I suggest you change nearly every setting to ‘Only Friends.’

Making Facebook private

Katie Hinderer | 02 May 2010
When it comes to Facebook we need to take things more seriously. In the midst of my presentations this week I gave one on the dangers of the internet. Since I make my living thanks to internet publications, I obviously am not against this amazing piece of technology. But, at the same time, I think people aren’t aware of how easy it is find information online about a person.
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